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Oliver Ander - The Persephone by Astra-cat Oliver Ander - The Persephone by Astra-cat

'E' (Oliver Ander)

 "I want people to see my clothes, but focus on the person wearing them." 


Name: 'E' (Legally Oliver Anders but you’ll never get him to admit that or answer to it.) Close friends may call him Ollie.
Age: 26
Birthday: 14 Feb
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay (flirty but freaks out when people actually reciprocate)
Height: 6'1" without the heels

Regiment / Class: Lissome / ---
Rank: 2

Random Facts:
† Oleander is both a poisonous flower and the combination of his two names OllieAnder
† Breaks into a thick Danish accent when angry or flustered. His whole family speak Danish and English.
† Loves flowers and can be found in the gardens. 
† Biggest issue with his body is his thighs and ankles, he thinks they're too big.
† E’s favourite drink is lemon/basil tea
† Wanted to be a fashion model but he gets nervous around stages and crowds
† Hates others touching his hair, so he’s always cut and dyed his own hair 
† Currently lives with his housemate Enzo Dubois
† He hates sweet food and prefer salty or sour things
† Has three piercings: right industrial, tongue, left hip.
† Plays badminton 
† Prefers pork and chicken over beef and hates seafood. Favourite dish is home-made hen's soup.


Caring, Conscientious, Creative, Sociable, Melodramatic, Self-centred, Clumsy, Fastidious, Over-critical
Most of Oliver’s friends and co-workers call him the Queen due to his confident, over-dramatic persona and well-known tantrums when work doesn’t go as planned. E pushes himself to portray what he considers a stylish and powerful persona, coming across to those who meet him, as vain, self-assured and downright bitchy. However, Oliver is actually an introverted person who gets embarrassed easily, takes compliments poorly, spends too much time worrying about others and is extremely awkward and clumsy. In high school, Oliver was a wallflower, who was rarely noticed. Afraid that his designs and skill would be overlooked, Oliver re-invented himself into ‘E’, the loudest and flashiest person in the room. E is very serious and organized about his work, you’ll often find him locked away for hours sewing new pieces. Unfortunately, putting on his over-confident personality drains E and he has to leave and recharge. If he doesn't, he breaks down into a nervous, self-conscious wreck.
If you ever need a new look or hairstyle, E’s the one to approach. He'll never turn away a challenge.


Finds it easy to love others, than to be loved.
Oliver grew up in an all-girl household with his mother and three overbearing sisters. They often used him as a doll and Oliver has since had a keen interest in art and fashion, hacking apart his own clothes and hair from the tender age of 6. Little Oliver dreamed of becoming an iconic model, however, as he grew older and more self-conscious, Oliver realized he'd never be brave enough to fulfill that dream, and later went to University to study Chemical Engineering. After his second year, Oliver decided to transfer into an Arts and Design course, majoring in textile and costume design. If he couldn't model the clothes, maybe he could make them instead. There he developed his obsession for theatrical costumes, style, plunging neck lines, rhinestones and feathers; renaming himself ‘E’ as he considered the name Oliver or Ollie to be too nerdy.
While studying, E started his own fashion line (Oleander), which has since become quite popular. It's an everyday look with elegance and poison. Advertisements can be seen around the ship and the Oleander brand is shown at seasonal fashion shows. E is fiercely protective of his own line and wears it often, though he still doesn't have the courage to walk the runway or model a photo shoots.
Seeing the success of his work has reignited his desire to be a model. If only he could find the self-confidence...


Partner Slots


Pokemon: Mareep
Link to the registry: 
E originally picked a mareep so he could shear it and spin his own yarn. He primed and preened her, hoping for lovely, clean wool to use. Unfortunately, Meri's a fighter with a short temper. The little sheep is always jumping into fights with other pokemon just to prove herself. Strangely, the fluffier the opponent, the more Meri wants to fight. Who knows why... E absolutely hates this, because it ruins her wool and embarrasses him.

Meri also swears like a sailor, much to E's horror. No amount of flowers or bows can cover the little sheep telling people to fuck off.

ROLEPLAY METHODS Astra-cat #0181

Methods: Discord or Google Docs only
Style: Paragraph or Script Style
Status:Good to go, but very slow during the week

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boredkitty Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love him and the hair dye idea is awesome :D 
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Thanks!!!! Haha, let's face it, the dye is just a ploy to colour his hair anyway I want. XD 
Pancake-Senpaii Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
I love that type of hair dyeee, great choice
Meri the Mareep is precious tho
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Meri's not precious, she's going to be a menace, picking fights with the cutest pokemon. She just likes beating up cute things, I swear...
Beowyf Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i know someone that would want clothes from him

Teknogeddon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omfg I got down to the mareep and just lost it. 
This is going to be so great xD 
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Can you imagine Ollie stepping on poor Cani to end a fight. XD  Just fluff squished under a heel. He'd probably do it to Meri too.
Teknogeddon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mag would fuckin laugh
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