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OC Sci-fi Chibis by Astra-cat OC Sci-fi Chibis by Astra-cat
I haven't had a lot of time for drawing but I really wanted to create some chibis of my main sci-fi oc's. Also, there's something very relaxing about colouring chibi characters.

From Left to Right. Keisuke "Kei", Ivan, "V" because his name is too long and, finally, "Emperor". Emperor has no human name because his species live on a frozen planet and communicate in a frequency that most other species can't hear. Emperor is his nickname by the crew that transport him to an intergalactic war conference, as he's the technical 'leader' of his planet. 

The dream is to one day create a bl visual novel with the characters but I'm lazy.

Headcannontime. Main character would technically be Ivan, a genetically-altered, human translator (gene alterations only help him learn and understand languages) who seeks to escape the control of the earth government that own the patient behind his genetic alterations. Ivan's enthusiastic and curious but not very trustworthy or reliable. Goes on a wild trip and meets aliens, ect. 

Can anyone pick the obligatory 'Yandere' character? I always play Yandere routes first. For anything.

It's totally Kei, Ivan's closest friend. They grew up together, working for Earth's International Genetics Scheme and Kei became very reliant on Ivan. He's sent to capture and return Ivan after his escape.

V is the Alseth communicator/translator for an intergalactic Guardian spaceship that is sent to pick up the Emperor from his homeworld. He's very prickly and cold but actually spends most of his time mothering and checking up on his crew. 

One day I'll do something with these characters;;; One day... 
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January 16, 2017
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