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Noel Mercier/Ragnarok - ContingenCE Application by Astra-cat Noel Mercier/Ragnarok - ContingenCE Application by Astra-cat

Application for :iconcontingen-ce: 

▼||Soldier Evaluation||▼

Name: Noël Mercier   
Age: 26
Height / Weight: 5'8” / 159lbs
Gender: Male  
Orientation / Status: Gay / Single
Home Alliance: Yovern
Field / Specialization: Army / Ambassador

+ Astute, Charismatic, Kind, Gracious, Self-confident
= Relentless
- Ruthless, Vain, Vengeful, Mistrustful, Jealous

Noël practices the creed 'you catch more flies with honey than vinegar'. To many, he's a kind and thoughtful man who always speaks his mind and doesn't hesitant to take responsibility when decisions need to be made. He's always cheerful and gracious to friends and strangers alike, smiling to anyone who glances his way and giving to those who need it. Many would consider him warm and approachable but Noël would, without remorse, discard the people who don't value him. He's jealous when not the centre of attention but mistrustful of other's when he is. Noël wants to be respected and loved more than anything and believes he deserves it too.

Noël was raised in a theocratic religion that worships Zygarde and the blight, becoming it's high-priest before he eventually excommunicated himself. His Grandmother has been the leader for the religion's clergy since before Noël was born, so he grew up in a well-respected family, obeying his religion's cardinal rules and expecting to inherit his grandmother's title much later in life. Serving the clergy and it's people, was one of Noël's greatest passions and he loved the devotion people showed him. Someday's it felt like practitioners were worshipping Noël instead of Zygarde and he came to love and expect the attention. Noël was a generous, merciful priest to those he valued but ultimately loved to control and manipulate those under him. 

At 19, Noël's father inherited the clergy's leadership and started a series of reforms which would lead to his assassination 8 months later by a group who considered themselves 'classical' practitioners. Noël struggled with his father's sudden death, having never lost anything irreplaceable before and became closer to his grandmother who was mourning the loss of her son. During this time, Noël's 76 year-old Grandmother was forced to reclaim the leadership as Noël's Mother had become frantic and distracted, ignoring the family completely. His mother was ruled unfit to lead and Noël was to be prepped and passed the responsibility as soon as he was capable. Noël spent the next year still fulfilling his role as High-Priest but also shadowing his Grandmother too. 

Three months later, Noël's Mother had a mental breakdown and was charged with murder. Despite his Mother's erratic and escalating behaviour, Noël couldn't accept that his Mother might kill someone, so he pleaded to his Grandmother to have her pardoned. His Grandmother had never had a strong relationship with her stepdaughter but Noël hadn't expected that she would turn away and forbid him from visiting. Even with all of Noël's influence, he couldn't save his Mother from a dead man's justice. Hours before she was 'pardon' by the blight, Noël saw her one last time. He held her while crying and pleading, wishing he'd spent the last two years with her instead of his Grandmother; that he'd ignored her harsh and distant demeanour and pulled her back into his life. Noël had never been praised as much as he had in those hours as his Mother squeezed him and rained compliments on him. In their last moments, she told him that the clergy and senate was dangerous and toxic and that he should run away. "Don't ever trust your Grandmother. Run."

But Noël had stayed and it took him a year to uncover what he'd begun to suspect on that day. When confronting his Grandmother she confided everything in him. "Did I kill him? No... But did I have him killed? Yes, I suppose so." Noël learned how his Grandmother had been controlling everything and had assassinated her own son to stop his reforms. He'd accused her of setting-up his mother too but truthfully his Mother had discovered her husband's murders and actually killed one of them. His Grandmother hadn't been involved in the conviction and punishment of her stepdaughter but would've killed her to protect the religion's image. She'd explained to Noël that it was their role to protect the people and guide them; that she couldn't sacrifice what they had for even her own family.

Noël was furious and promised that he'd destroy everything; that he'd find power and raze everyone she'd valued over her own family to ashes. No one stopped him when he left and his Grandmother promised there was a place there for him, once he'd matured and realised what was really important.

Eventually Noël found a place working in the Yovern government, using his knowledge on people, politics and economy to benefit the nation. He worked various roles there for the next 3 years before being assigned to communications with Contingency. Upon visiting Coalesce, he tested his compatibility with fusers and joined after matching with Ragnarök's.

 ▼||Contingent Evaluation||▼

Name: Ragnarök or Ragna (gave himself that name in light of Noël's prior faith. He considers himself the ending fate of all gods)
Height / Weight: 6'6"
Pokemon: Absol
Ability: Super Luck
Physical Changes: 
Ragnarök's hair has turned white and black and his irises now bright red, giving him excellent night-vision. Overall, Ragna's body is much taller and broader than Noël's was and his skin has turned an ashy white, with digits that have thick black claw-like nails and large canine teeth.

Weapon: Dual-scythe "Regin þrjóta" meaning End of the Gods
Fuser: Weird brooch

+ Calm, Optimistic, Polite, Diligent, Charismatic 
= Serious
-  Sadistic, Forceful, Dependent, Cruel, Vengeful

Ragna's a quiet and calm Contingent who speaks infrequently and hates small talk. His steady smile and cool tone rarely waver causing some to have trouble reading when his emotions shift. However despite Ragna's quiet nature, his presence can seem judgemental and overbearing at times and he's been known to pressures others into doing things his way. Truthfully, he's an extremely controlling, sadistic individual who doesn't value the wishes and free will of the people around him and enjoys schadenfreude. One of his many current goals is to take permanent control of Noël body and leave the contingency. Noël is aware of this plan, but he needs Ragna's power for his own and believes he can control everything.

Activation Requirement:
Required the soldier to have a narcissistic personality and God-complex.

Relationship with Soldier:
Noël and Ragna semi-respect each other and both consider the other a temporary ally. After sharing minds, they've come to understand one another's goals though both are weary of each other's egos. Somehow, they came to an truce and agreement; as long as neither of them upset the other's plans, they'll remain beneficial comrades and resources. Both are constantly looking for a way to control/manage the other, which is stressful and stunts their communication and teamwork. 

▼||Personal Items||▼

Noël carries around a recorder, which he uses to record daily messages to his parents. If you talk to him about his family, he'll tell you that they're all alive and well in Yovern and that he sends them these recordings so they don't worry.

✙ Noël avoids food prepared out of sight and prefers to prepare his own meals. During his time as High-priest, he was poisoned by a zealot and spent three weeks bedridden. He's become a good cook because he prepares all his own food. Any food he eats which was prepared out of sight, he'll purge later in secret.
✙ Ragna likes singing and often hums and sings tunes when he's focusing. Music gets stuck in his head easily.
✙ Ragna's ability increases his critical hit ratio, but also seems to give him genuinely good luck in the day-to-day. Many won't play cards with him anymore.
✙ Noël's a vegetarian. Ragna's not (not that meat is common).
✙ Both of them avoid talking about themselves
✙ Noël's hobbies are tactical games, calligraphy and soap/candle making, and Ragna wants to start learning the violin and piano.
✙ Noël's greatest fear is to die alone and unloved
✙ Ragna and Noël are terrible drivers. TERRIBLE. 

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krnghost Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
icytemporalist Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
"...becoming it's high-priest before he eventually excommunicated himself."
Now that's how you write a hook. It seemed so paradoxial at first, but that bio was really fun to read and had me engaged start to finish.

(9.8/10 too much cult.)
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018
ASKDJSL! Omg, you're too kind Icy. XD

It was such a pain to write. Especially since I ended up using the words Mother and Grandmother way too frequently.

But yeah. Much cult. Noel's going to burn that cult to the ground and create his own cult! (With blackjack and strippers)
icytemporalist Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Mmm, that's likely why in my writing I tend to hover around three different words when I'm writing characters, just to spice things up. Though really, as long as it's clear who you're referring to does it really matter how much you use a given word? |D

//I suppose that's what the Contingence can be for, haha. And yes, Blackjack wow your good at this burn game... haha c;
werecat-kai Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Local man wanted for stealing hearts with a glance

Also he an Nasuta could totally do ridiculous scythe weapon training together :O
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018
Omg. Give him an inch and he'll take a foot.

Yeeees! Cool flippy scythe training! Going up against a chain scythe would be good experience for him.
The-Dark-Fallen Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Look at this adorable man! He's so pretty omfg 
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018
Yay! I'm glad he's pretty. I've redesigned him like 3 times;;;
They're both very happy to flaunt their looks to get things. XD
The-Dark-Fallen Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I know that feel! XD and yes! I love them both XD 
Teknogeddon Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no I fucking love him 
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018
Yes! I'm glad I redrew Ragna. His eyes are just: You're mine.
He's also p. tall. 6'6" :3
Teknogeddon Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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