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[DEFENDERS] Engel Zielger. by Astra-cat [DEFENDERS] Engel Zielger. by Astra-cat

App for :icond-e-f-e-n-d-e-r-s:
Guys, I love this boy.

Basic Information

Name: Engel Ziegler
Nicknames: Prefers his name.
Age: 20
Height: 6’4”
Ethnicity: German

Garrison Information
Rank: Senior
    Strength: ››››
    Agility: ›
    Intelligence: ›››››

Weapon: Urteil ZL – A plasma Zweihander that can expand and lengthen to the limit of the plasma core. Mass width in 85cm and mass length is 2.5 metres. However, the longer the blade, the less plasma is present to sustain the width. A 85cmx2.5m blade is not possible.
Squad Name: Genos
Mech Animals: Panthers

Personal Info

✔ ||Loyal||Disciplined||Perfectionist||Nurturing||Intelligent||

X ||Vengeful||Conceited||Blunt||High-handed||Cynical||

Years of surviving off-Earth, with his disabled Mother, has honed Engel's intelligence and resourcefulness but left him rather conceited and over critical of others. Still, Engel spent a lot of time nursing his Mother, and other human survivors, after a Junker attack and has a soft-spot for those in need. Despite his blank, almost icy tone and expressions, Engel is a nuturing soul who is immensely loyal to those close. Due to his rough teen years on Kelta, Engel refuses to judge a person on their past and instead judges a person on their resolve and work-ethic. 

A romantic at heart, his life-long dream is to meet someone, raise a family and become a teacher, just as his Father did. 

Everyday, Engel's terrifed he made the wrong choice, in leaving Kelta; that he'll die and leave his Mother alone. Despite that fear, Engel pushes himself to fight for a future for them both. He's often the problem-solver so he doesn't ever allow himself errors or breaks. Inside, Engels' drowning in doubt and anxiety but can't drop the weight he's piled on himself. More than anything else, Engel wants someone to just care for him and help lift that weight, but he's too scaried and critical to believe a person like that exists

Icecream (All flavours, your best bargaining chip), cooking but only cold foods, dancing, card games, maps, animals and children, piloting/teaching, reading or watching movies (mostly romance or horror), training, studying or napping
Alcohol, eating or sleeping alone, lazy or disruptive people, seeing someone upset or lonely, someone not close to him touching his hips and torso, body mods, people complaining

Intellect/analysis – A smart kid, Engel spent his time off planet living and learning. He has a level of real-world experience that most humans wouldn’t and has learned three alien languages. Engel’s best quality is his analytical mind, capable of tactical planning and guidance, as well as reading enemy fighting styles and movements. If Engel’s doesn’t understand something, he’s probably just pretending, unless it’s technology. He has real trouble learning about technology.

Piloting both mechs and aircrafts – Engel grew up watching his Dad work as a spacecraft pilot and then an instructor. Piloting ships is second nature to Engel after his father’s advice and training. After escaping Earth, he eventually became a cargo pilot and then an instructor. Is a very sharp shooter when in his Mech. Not so with projectile weapons outside his Mech.

Teaching/communication – Engel dreamed of being a teacher when he was younger and loves nothing more than explaining terms or teaching skills. While he can be stern, Engel excels at developing individual learning tools and explaining complex ideas.

Long distance combat/projectile usage – Engel’s eyesight can be corrected somewhat with lenses and guiding systems, but Engel will never be able to use projectiles or guns with a high-level of proficiency due to his damaged eyes. Implants would be the only solution and Engel's terrified of further body mods. 

Mobility outside his Mecha – After a butchered body modification, Engel’s joints are stiff and slow. Despite his attempts to fix the mods or train himself, he lacks high levels of mobility and agility. Urtiel ZL was designed to help him out-manoeuvre enemies by changing length to catch faster enemies off-guard and deflect bullets.

Directionally challenged – Carries maps wherever he goes because he’s incredible directionally challenged. Reading even the most complex ship or mecha’s topographical output is no problem for Engel but he can get lost in his own base without a map.


Engel was born in the small, idyllic town of Cochem, Germany, a scenic riverside town built beside an old stone castle. Up until the invasion, Engel lived with his parents and younger brother, in the peaceful day-by-day. His father (Lars Zielger) instructed at Germany's major space flight-school situated at the DLR spaceport in Cologne. Young Engel dreamed of being a teacher, or a pilot like his father and Lars often let him use the flight simulators situated at DLR's sister school near Cochem. He was an inquisitive and kind child who spent his time in Cochem's tiny library, amongst the reeds at the riverbank, at his father's school or in his mother’s (Mila Kielger) arms.

Cochem had more time to prepare for the invasion than most, being a smaller town isolated from the battle. Though it did them little good. On invasion day, Engel's father and brother were in Cologne. Cochem was alerted with news of the invasion and Engel's mother, a strong prideful woman, initiated an evacuation to DLR's sister school near Cochem on the outskirts of Müllenbachtal Nature Reserve. She hoped the boys would meet them there, so they could plan to go into hiding. They never arrived.

Several people gathered at the small space-port looking to escape to the stars. Mila had taken Lars' spare card key and when she arrived, people took notice, following her lead. As staff and family arrived, bring news and stories, it was obvious Germany was in flames. Mila made the tough decision to leave Germany and evacuate to DLR's orbiting base. Engel remembers that day well, packing his belongings, listening to the adult's fearful chatter, saying goodbye to his pet dog; saying goodbye to the Earth, his father and brother. 

36 people escaped from DLR's Müllenbachtal space port that day, all varied ages and genders, and it was just dumb luck they lived and nothing more. 

After arriving at the DLR orbital base, the group discovered the invasion was worldwide. There was nowhere to go, but further into space. Engel begged Mila to return home, he was terrifed and he missed his father, but they would never return to that idyllic castle town. A further 6 staff were picked up at the DLR orbital base as they transferred ships and over the next fews month's the group jumped from planet to planet; station to station in the system, looking for peace.

On the outskirts of the Andromeda system, the group was attacked by junkers. While they managed to escape, many of the survivers were injured. Mila had been hit by a internal explosion, caused by enemy fire, and required immediate medical attention. They landed on Kelta, Andromeda, to receive medical attention. Mila lost her right leg that day, with third degree burns to her upper arms. The group settled on the desert planet Kelta, known for exotic trades.

Over the next few years, Engel worked any job he could get his hands on while nursing his Mother and the other human survivors. He threw his morals aside to pay for his mother's medical expenses and feed the group while on Kelt, even going as far as volunteering to trial experimental body modifications. At 13, Engel agreed to trial a procedure designed to replace his major joints with sturdy, hydralic actuator equivalents. The surgeon running the process was dodgey at best, but Engel was paid handsomely for the experiment. Six major surgeries later and he could finally afford to buy his Mother a nice prosthetic. Unfortunately, the body modifcation was considered a failure and Engel lost a lot of his flexiblity and agility, gaining a sturdiness. It took Engel almost a year to recover but at 15, he got a solid job piloting a small cargo shuttle and his Mother started a small shop. Gone where the idyllic days of playing by the lake but at least he’d clawed back some stability.

At 17, Engel managed to get a job instructing trainee-pilots at the Kelta space port (all thanks to his Father's training, he'd finally made his dream a reality in some way, but it wasn't enough anymore. Both Engel and his Mother wanted to know what had happened to the rest of the family.  1 year later, after hearing news that alot of humans had be captured by the Monsoros, and against his Mother's wish, Engel stole a spaceship and went searching for his missing family, leaving his Mother with the rest of the DLR survivors.

Despite his seething anger, Engel surrendered his service to the Monsoros and was captured to locate his family. He spent the next 18 months working under various Monsoros diplomats, as he was compliant and knowledgable on international trade and alien languages. Engel never found he's Father or brother. Later he was rescued by the Nymm and given another option. Fight back.

• Engel is severely near-sighted. The orange visor on his suit acts as a corrective lense, like his glasses.
• A very good dancer, who knows a few styles. 
• Engel dreams of having a large family, with a dog, and being a teacher.
• Engel's joints always ache slightly, he doesn't even notice anymore.
• His number one fear is being alone and losing everyone close.
• Shared a bed with his Mother on Kelta and now hates sleeping alone, also sleep walks and sleep eats
• Has a strange sleeping pattern. 4-5 hours at night and an hour nap in the afternoon.
• Engel’s hair colour is slightly off due to a series of drugs he takes to keep his body from rejecting the body modifications. It used to be blonde and a touchy subject for him.
• INTJ Personality type.
• Overly critical of other Defensive pilots. Will likely fight with most Defensive pilots
• Engel has a soft spot for children or anyone under 15 really.
• Despite his prickly nature, he’ll usually help those in need.
• Gets lost easily when not in a machine. Like within 20 metres of his origin point, it's crippling.
• Terrible with technology that isn't his own, old Personal Device.
• Knows English, German and a few alien languages

Roleplay Info
Discord only please. HC, script and paragraph are fine. Happy to RP fluff or something darker, just let me know what flavour you’re in the mood for beforehand.

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SquishKink Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Student Filmographer
HES HERE, HES READY *touches art*
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
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Finally redrew everything. Now he's bigger, ready to fite Nora! :3 
Mama-Choco Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
I was just passing by but....Dat booty tho  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
Haha, yes! I used a RNG for how good his booty should be and got a solid 95/100. So I made it comically round and touchable. XD 
Mama-Choco Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
its freaking perfect. i would squeeze that all day every day 
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
Thankyou! >:3 Watch your fingers though, he'll bite. 

I'll also be putting some NSFWish stuff of him up soon. ;) /spreading my wings into darker stuff
Mama-Choco Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017

im not in the group but i want to see more of this babe's butt. So yes bby, go to the darkness~ 
Teknogeddon Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I need him ASStra 
Astra-cat Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
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:3 He is here. After two designs.
Teknogeddon Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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