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Contingence app by Astra-cat Contingence app by Astra-cat


▼||Soldier Evaluation||▼

Name: Dr. Rolan Aldwin 
(Other: Dr. Vasya Ivanov) 
Age: 28
Birthday: 7th November
Height / Weight: 5’5” / 133lbs
Gender: Male  
Orientation / Status: Bi / Single
Home Alliance: Xydian
Field / Specialization: Reserve / Surgeon or Doctor

+ Curious, Assertive, Efficient, Responsible, Witty
= Logical, Ascetic, Impersonal, Provocative, Nihilistic
- Jaded, Vain, Inflexible, Judgemental, Quick-tempered

Rolan’s a steady, stubborn man who is inflexible in his hatred and distrust of others. Though many of his patients consider Rolan empathetic and caring, it’s all part of the job and Rolan actually has trouble connecting with others emotionally. Self-preservation and knowledge are Rolan's priorities and he's not afraid to throw someone under the bus to better his cause. He's also diligent and makes decision based on logical gain, which many find impersonal or cold. Still, Rolan is loyal once you’ve won his trust. He doesn’t care about someone’s background or history and is more likely to judge someone on their dietary choices. 

Rolan, only son to the co-founders of Aldwin Industries, a large medtech company whose pipeline specializes in state-of-the-art surgical bots and support technology. He was born and raised in the Oak zone of Brazenwall by his parents but spent most of his years with private tutors. Following his father's footsteps, he became a surgeon and undertook his vocational training in the royal hospital of Brazenwall but found it restricting and mundane.

Bored of the regulations and morality that hampered his passion, he left and opened an underground clinic under the name Dr. Vasya Ivanov. There, he treated who ever came through, by what means he deemed necessary. The only rules were: 
1) Don't ask questions
2) Pay your price in advance
3) The risks are your own

Many of the patients that visited had questionable backgrounds and not everyone paid in money. Some left a pound or two lighter and Rolan ensured no one missed the ones that never left at all. 

At 28, Rolan grew bored of his clinic and was interested in taking apart and studying contingents and hybrids. Rolan figured the fastest way to get a sample was to become one. So he joined the Contingency.

 ▼||Contingent Evaluation||▼

Name: Yersinia (Yers or Sin)
Height / Weight: 5’7” / 100lbs
Pokemon: Aromatisse
Ability: Healer
Physical Changes: 
Yersinia's pink hair has a softer, silky texture and his hands/feet have claws. His body gives off strong floral scents which fluctuate with his mood and because Yersinia's digestion now needs small rocks and sticks, he's developed pica and eats unusual things, often giving Rolan stomach aches. His pupils have also turned red, his body is naturally lighter. and his voice has a melodic sound to it. 

Weapon: Medical switch-blade "Haemacrit" or "Cut and Run"
Fuser: Red, intergrated into the face of a gold watch
+ Curious, Sassy, Charming, Optimistic Nihilist 
= Logical, Artful, Impersonal, Playful, Provocative
-  Vain, Judgemental, Capricious, Unfaithful, Flighty

Unlike Rolan, Yersinia is very open with his intense emotions, often found declaring his undying love, openly sobbing or throwing a tantrum somewhere. However, despite how all-consuming and intense his emotions are, they are often fleeting. He picks up new hobbies and friends easily but often drops them the next day due to boredom. You can be his true love one moment and then nothing the next. Yersinia also has trouble understanding human morals, as he doesn't seem to have any, which can lead to some messy situations.

Activation Requirement:
Yersinia sensed Rolan's apathy and desire to examine contingents and thought it sounded fun.

First conversation:
"Boredom. I'm not sure... but, I think I was bored for a long time."
"Funny... I came here because I felt the same."
"Did you? Do you enjoy feeling that way?"
"Haha, me neither!
 Hey, why don't we play together then; play with everything until it breaks."
"... Sure."

Relationship with Soldier:
Rolan and Yersinia get along quite well despite the emotional rollercoaster they put each other on. Rolan sometimes spends time precuring and storing dead hybrids for Yersinia’s Taxidermy ‘art’ and they both enjoy chatting and bouncing ideas off each other while studing. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate when they're talking to themselves or to each other. 

They both share a desire to take the world apart and examine its functions and often encourage one another in unhealthy ways.

▼||Personal Items||▼

Rolan normally carries around a first-aid kit, in which he crams a reading tablet, his phone and usually some healthy snacks such as oranges.

Rolan loves oranges (and carries them everywhere), they’re his favourite fruit and he also prefers white meat to red
Rolan has a nasty temper and easily loses his cool when not seeing patients
Yersinia has pica, his favourites are fur/paperclips/tiles and craft supplies
Yersinia often carries around craft supplies. Literally any craft supplies. Google-eyes, paddle pop sticks, craft paper, glitter, pom-poms and glue. Crafting is a specialty of his, and he makes furniture and hats for his taxidermy art.
Rolan’s very pessimistic about other people and has a hard time relaxing around strangers
Yersinia loves taxidermy but always makes bad taxidermy
Besides Taxidermy Yersinia has a new hobby every week
Since there are a lot of bones left over from Yersinia’s ‘projects’, Rolan’s taken up skeletal arrangements which helps him destress
Rolan’s main hobbies are reading, kick-boxing and sudoku
Rolan finds piercings attractive and had quite a few growing up. He’s retired most of his surface bars but you can see a few scars on his torso and hips. Still has two surface bars in his neck, both lobes pierced, an two industrials and a helix on his left ear and an orbital on his right.
Both Rolan and Yersinia are good dancers, but Yers is the only one that can walk in heels
Yersinia is often seen as a drama queen and is pretty picky about being clean, except with gore which seems to excite him

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