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The Witcher - Wild Hunt (Modern)

A faux poster of a modern, noirish, Witcher. 

Check the Behance page for closeups --> Here.
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I keep coming back to these noir Witcher posters, and its because they are so damn good. As a Witcher fan, I would love to see a 'modern' version of the story, especially the 3rd game. I think it would be amazing. Any chance you'll be doing any more in the future?

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Hey there, I would like to ask for you permission to use this picture as a header art for a mod I'm making for the witcher 3 if possible.

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Absolutely great.
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These are AMAZING!!!!! We need more! I realize that you have other projects, and a life outside of deviantart, but this to good to not have more! Please make more of this spectacular artwork!
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Very good! i really like your work =D, this looks similar to a wallpaper of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin The Graveyard Shift loading screen
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Ohhhh, a change of setting would be nice
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Very cool! Draw the Herald on the chopper, in a leather jacket
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Sure boss! Right on it. Anything else?
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Absolutely amazing
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It would be interesting to see how it turned out if she brought him into a different version of our world and he actually had to live their for a while or something. 
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Amazing version!!!

Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] 
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This kind of reminds me of the Booker-Elizabeth relationship. 
One question: Are we allowed to use your picture as a profile photo on steam?

Keep up the good work! :D
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Truly stunning!

As a big witcher fan I have to say that this is just amazing!!! ;)

That would be so cool if it could one day happen :)

I'm just missing a sword for Geralt ;)
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Hi Lord Astoralexander!
A friend of mine suggest me moments ago  to see your draws...and it is what I was looking for....!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like so much your  modern version of Geralt Riva with short hair.
I like dress too...
Do you have some draws of  Him  about "shoulder profile" and "side profile"?
If you have
these drawings, can you publish them or simply  can you give me a link where I could to look them?
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So professional Clap 
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Are monsters criminals and/or murderers in this witcher-verse?
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Very cool. Something ends, something begins.
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Oh my I love Geralt in a suit  Love 
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