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The Witcher - The Last Wish (Modern)

tA faux poster of a modern, noirish, Witcher. 

Check the Behance page for closeups --> Here
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Sell a print for this!
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Like, seriously CDprojekt Red should buy these from you, I’d pay money for them!
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You rock, my dear. 
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THE best of its fanart, ever.
This is fantastic. It almost evokes a Dresden Files vibe as well. Love it.
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OMG, this is ....i have no words for pictures from this "modern" series, i simply love them and i will hope there will be always more of them because its really beautiful...actually i seriously fall in love with them *w* amazing job!!!
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imagine Geralt centuries after the events in Wild Hunt. I wonder if the monsters he hunts would still exist or just fade into myth like in our world.
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Love it. I bet the witcher as noir novels would be fun to read.
Hello! :)

Recently I saw this drawing at CD Project Red Instagram. So it led me here, because I can't hold my feelings and thoughts inside.

Personally, I love Witcher game series, books and characters; besides, I have weakness for Noir style, it has own aestetics. Don't even know why, it gives me some familiar and warm feeling. So... It was like explosion when I saw this work, two realms joined together.

First of all, this poster... I don't know how you did that )) but this picture contains so much. It reflect atmosphere, mood and depth (emotional side) so good. The whole story (concept) in one picture - it's like true meaning and purpose of "poster". I really like clothes, hair, face expression.

And looking at this masterpiece I enjoy. Imagination draws picture of new Noir Saga. Another world, but some things still same. Geralt as pro detective, very smart and skilled, full of charisma and sense of humor, making him irresistible for ladies. He don't wield steel or silver sword anymore - now his mind is main weapon, sharp like his former razors. And this weapon will cut darkness where evil lurks - starting from crime scene to dark and secret corners of human soul.

Web of intrigues and usual witcher's work. Nights and city lights, cigarettes and alcohol. Sinister streets and luxury party's intoxicated air. And storm of deep feelings in heroes hearts. Warm bed and scent of beloved woman. Or cold sunrise by sea and silent sight containing more than words can express.

Of course, I can continue)) But I just want to express my admiration and gratefulness for your work. Thank you very much and good luck!

P.S. Perhaps, CD Project Red will inspire by such work and create a new game? It would be interesting to look at.
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If CD Projekt does... I just hope they call me to work on it.
Well, it could be huge amount of work. But to start such project they have to realize high value and benefits of it. Good news: game is quite popular and has reputation. But who knows what will come out.
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I'm sorry but if you can do art full-length Yennefer without Geralt? Thanks in advance!:) (Smile) Love 
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Epic stylish work, you are a god!
Amazing work! Happen to stumble upon this on the Witcher page on Facebook. Is this artwork going to be up for sale on society6?
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Gotta say, love the idea of a modern day Geralt.
Great work, mate.
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Smoking kills, Geralt:) He is so Constantine here. Lovely art, amazing.
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Really well done! I especially love the style of clothing of Yen, it really fits her. And Geralt finally has a good use for the Igni sign, haha. Kudos, sir. ;)
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I love this work Love Heart 
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Bravo! 👏 love it
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Wow! Such awesome idea!
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