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The Witcher - A Matter of Life and Death (Modern)

A faux poster of a modern, noirish, Witcher. 

Check the Behance page for closeups --> Here.
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Now I want a noir Witcher game. :D Love this!

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i like the idea. nice artwork

colonel-stryker's avatar an accurate depiction of a Browning Hi-Power.  Engraved with the Witcher Signs.  I want one so bad now.
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These are amazing!!
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Haha, this made my day. :)
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*LA Noire menu theme starts playing*
I'd actually make Tricia "triss" Merrigold out to be a decorated police officer instead of a diva. I would give that role to Jennifer "Jenny"Vengerberg
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She's dressed for the party from "A matter of life and death" quest.
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Geralt looks like George Clooney.
jelove this fanart, this is so perfect :o
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Fuck, I'd watch/read it
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Удивительная серия! Спасибо!
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Cool concept, superbly rendered. The details are stunning, as is the likeness of the characters. This, sir, is REALLY awesome work, worth of MUCH praise!
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Love these! Starring Geralt, the world's greatest detective.
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Uhm... Mass Effect + The Witcher + BioShock mashup?
(And maybe Deus-Ex too?)
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Eeeeh...Nope. Just the Witcher noir.
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 You already got me, when you pulped up DBZ, but this is the killer..... La la la la
How can do such an awesome job on things I've been waiting for - although I didn't knew I would.... I think I've fainted.
Have a Llama for beeing so amazing!
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