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Smash Bros in the 60s.

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So flipping cool!
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This really should be a movie.
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Link. Samus. and Mario.
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Oh great now I want to see Nintendo put out a dark and gritty reboot of Smash Bros, thanks a lot >:/
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oml Crazy Hand from ssb :D I love your "old-school"-stylized Nintendo fanart so much! <3
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I'm pretty sure that's master hand not crazy hand
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I should have known that it was too good to be true.  A marksman/martial arts competition sponsored by a mystery man, with a fantastic cash prize?  Only a chump would fall for that.  But I guess that makes me the biggest chump of them all.  Almost everyone was ensnared, all except for myself, Sammy, a wounded Mario, and Mario's rat bastard cousin, Wario.  It didn't help that our "host" turned out to be a gigantic disembodied hand, controlling everyone like puppets.  What I wouldn't have given to have Midna at my side; "Ingenuity" was practically her middle name.

But all we had were three guns.  And there was no way in heaven or hell that I was going down without a fight.
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This one's my favorite.  Awesome job!  Who's to Captain Falcon's right and who's behind Donkey Kong?  
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Oh, Samus... ^_^
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Keep these coming. Love them.
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Smash Brothers? Looks amazing in this style!
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this is really really cool!
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I guess Pulp never encouraged swords. Is that Princess Peach in the back left? Who is beside her?
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Yep. To her left, Cap Falcon without helmet; to her right... I don't know.
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Do you plan on drawing any other Nintendo characters? Such as Ness or Marth?
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Don't think so. Those two, definitively not. Sorry.
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Okay, I was wondering since you had a cool idea and it would be nice t see more. Although it is your choice. I like your other stuff too.
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i really like these retro pseudo 1950 50 cents novels covers this is certainly special piece. i have to admit that I have to ask what inspired you to make this and if you ever tried to create story to it how the characters ended in this jam. I must admit this is one of the coolest poster I have ever saw.

Cheers Kovami
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Based it on this:…  
And I didn't think of a story for any of the covers.

And Thanks!
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Is the guy in the gasmask Olimar?
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There's no guy in a gasmask.
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