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The Bounty Hunter

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Another Pulp adaptation.

Cover illustration of "Man Killer" (Talmage Powell) by Rudy Nappi.

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This inspired me to do some many pulp covers, so little time. Thanks! peace

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Ha brilliant.
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ErikaAviolentLifeProfessional Writer
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TyrranuxHobbyist Writer
I am looking at an interpretation of Samus Aran wearing a fish bowl life is complete....
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BlueHatchlingProfessional General Artist
love the retro pulp fiction look
YardnE's avatar i get it, it sure took me too long :D
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Excellent work.
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MegadasHobbyist General Artist
Super Retroid? I'd play this to death. Excellent work, sir!
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astoralexanderProfessional General Artist
Super Retroid.... I like.
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MegadasHobbyist General Artist
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ares12Hobbyist Writer
Its amazing how you made it look like the real deal.
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RotorheartStudent General Artist
This is perfection.
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MASTER-K0HGAHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this a lot! :D
This is so awesome!
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This Samus reminds me of the girl in the cover for Star Wars: Intergalactic Funk by Meco. Awesome!
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VictorHugoProfessional Digital Artist
Whoah!! I would!!!
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Absolutely sick. 
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FinchFishProfessional General Artist
Love the throwback! Executed flawlessly, fantastic job!
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CapitaPerduHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonderful Job!!
i'm Retro Si-Fi addict, and this is first class drawing; nice Irony...!
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that retro style/ redesign is amazing.
best part is i instantly recognized who she was. (",)
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A lot of bounties don't take me seriously, just because I'm a woman.  And lucky for me, that's always their downfall.  They think a gal can't handle a blaster for beans, and the last thing a lot of them see is that very blaster aimed dead-center at their foreheads.

But this was going to be my toughest challenge yet.  The Galactic Federation hired me to take out Captain Ridley's Space Pirate crew, and if that wasn't enough, rumor had it that they had stolen Metroids for use as bio-organic weapons.

But worst of all, Mother Brain was online.  But at least this way, I can finally settle the score between us.
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organismProfessional General Artist
I just stumbled upon your work. These are AMAZING. Thank you for making DA a better place!
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astoralexanderProfessional General Artist
Thank you for saying what I wouldn't say out loud. ;)
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Hey man, leave Samus alone, you have already ruined Dragonball Z please don't ruin Metroid.  Why do you think making everything look like shitty pictures of Marilyn Monroe is cool/good?

P.S. It looks like you have some talent, you just should not trust your own brain on how to use it properly.
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