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+ WELCOME TO MY PAGE + CURRENT ICON AS OF NOW IS MADE BY ME Hello, who ever is deciding to take their time to visit this page! I am glad you came by and stopped on my page! You are going to have a wonderful time here, and I hope you enjoy your company being here with me! Way more info is presented onto my carrd, which I will link here. v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v + INTRODUCTION + [NAME] - Arctus (I prefer it if most people call me that.) [AGE] - 15 [BIRTHDAY] - July 5th [HOBBIES] - Drawing, Making videos, taking my time off screen to go out and do things, socializing, shopping, watching stuff I'm actually interested in. [INTERESTS] - Sailor Moon, My Little Pony (specifically FIM), Gravity Falls (specifically Bill Cipher.) etc.


+ FRIENDS LIST + - London (online bestie)

- Rainbow Boy // Red (online bestie and known him for part of my childhood)

- Nismo (online close friend)

- Zac (my in rl brother)

- ChocolateHeartLu (online close friend)

- GrellBreanna (online friend)

- Lindagem (online good friend)

- Lunanight / Kiri (online good friend)

- Zuzanna / Zinny / XPrincessDreamCakeX (online good friend)

- Existence188 (online friend)

- LuvieDraws (online close friend)

- FlordiaStorm (my 3rd best friend, feels like a twin to me.)

- Zane (online close friend)

- Olivia (online close friend)

- Gale / Windy (online close friend)

- Miguel (online close friend) I have a lot more friends but I tried listing most of them. + DNI (Do Not Interact) IF... +

[PixelArt] Purple Planet F2U!

-Basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic, pedophile, etc)

- Proshippers

- NSFW (I am a 15 yr old minor, do not draw NSFW of me or my oc's pls.)

- Ablest or people who degrade people who are Neurodivergent / make fun of disabled people.

- People who think using slurs is cool / okay.

- If you eat pineapple pizza (joke jk jk)

- People who are overly controlling (telling me to do this and that when I don't want to.)

- If you're blocked on my social media platforms (obviously)

- Make me uncomfortable

Side Note - If you try using alt accs to interact with me or make fake accounts. I am still blocking you.

Purple Moon
Christmas 2022 Arctus!

My PEEsona and POOsona

My Ultimate Sona Ref by ArctusTheGoddess, visual art

me but POwErFuL wOAuH

Neo Arctus 2023 Ref by ArctusTheGoddess, visual art

Butiful pony alicorn goddess wannabe

Neo Arctus 2023 Ref - My Little Pony Version by ArctusTheGoddess, visual art

Age Chart

My Age Chart | (2022) by ArctusTheGoddess, visual art


My 1st art in this acc

Cotton Candy, The Horse by ArctusTheGoddess, visual art

+ BOUNDARIES + Hugs? - Yes, I am fine with those.

Cuddles? - Close / Best friends only

Snuggles? - Close / Best friends only

Kisses? - Uh. If ur kissing me on the forehead I only allow my best friends to do that as a platonic way of affection. But kissing, in general, is a no unless ur my bf XD

"I love you!" - I am fine with that in a platonic manner with my friends.

Lying on my body/parts - Only a person I am attracted to. As a friend that is uncomfortably weird


Touching in an inappropriate manner - OO HELL NO.

Touching lower parts - .... NO. JUST NO. NOPE.

Touching the stomach - ... THIS.. THIS DOESN'T EVEN NEED TO BE SAID.. NO...

Touching the chest area - NO NUPE NUPE NUPE XD

Please respect my boundaries or you might get blocked. If you make me uncomfortable that is not ok.

nighttime vaporwave circle divider f2u


- Yelling / Loud Noises (It makes me flinch if it's sudden)

- Death

- Worms / Roaches

- Graphic Content

- Heavy Gore +SQUICKS+ - Bugs

- Spiders

- Body Fluids

- Creepypastas (DM for specifics, such as stories that are graphic can bother me.) + MAIN OC'S +

Neo Arctus 2023 Ref

Neo Arctus 2023 Ref

This is my EtherealVerse sona, Arctus. This is the main one I draw most of the time.

Epic Gamer Ref Sheet

This is my rl self... :p I also tend to draw this one often as well, because it portrays me the most. Mostly with Me X Bill fan art, sometimes I use my version on top though.

Empress Goddess Laetus Skye  (Tweaked Redesign)

This is my third sona, Laetus. She comes from the Star Family, owned by @Zorixn I have many more oc's that aren't just me, just check the Reference Sheets folder. + ART STATUS + Requests - Friends only Art Trades - Ask me first if I wanna do it or not Gifts - Always lol Commissions - Always open YCH's - Depends on my motivation Adopts - sometimes Collabs - Ask me first if I wanna do it or not Roleplays - Yes but it depends +RULES+ No bullying, harassing, or spamming on my profile. No forcing me to do things I don't want to. That is not respectful towards my boundaries, you shouldn't do that to people in the first place. No rushing me when it comes to commissions, art trades, collabs, etc. I put my time into my art and I will just feel unmotivated and pressured if you rush me. I won't even feel like finishing it. If you fall under my DNI list on my carrd, or if you are blocked, I suggest you do not interact, that includes sockpuppet or fake accounts. No spamming my comments section, fave-bombing, etc. The fave-bombing part is kind of inevitable, but it is annoying. This also can count as spam and it just annoys me at the end of the day that I have to clean this shit up in my notification feed. I only accept DM's from people who I am comfortable talking to with, I also only give my Discord to people I am comfortable with as well. So please ask me in DM for this. If I do not give you it, then please respect that. Please do not expect me to respond 24/7. I know I am very active and I talk a lot when responding, but if I am not responding, either I am sleeping or busy with something, or AFK. So please respect that. No matter what I am doing, if I am gone for a couple of days, it means I am on vacation or spending holidays with my family. (Note if I am gone for longer than when I say, yes you can be concerned. And sometimes, I don't always announce things beforehand, so keep that in mind if I randomly disappear.) I sleep in late, so please respect that too lmao. But I also stay up late at night on weekends. I only voice chat every once in awhile, because I am not that confident in speaking that loudly in my own house for some reason. You may not.... - Use my real name because I am uncomfortable with that. (Only in rl's and people I've known for years and grown a special connection to) - Ask me where I live, (I only give out "Texas" at most.) - Ask me to date you (I am not comfortable with online dating and it's not my thing, even if I like you lol.) - Engage in very gross activities. It is creepy and keep in note I am also a minor. I will block you if you do this. It is not acceptable. - NSFW, I don't feel comfortable with it, let alone, again, I am a minor. This includes NSFW roleplays. - Share your fetishes / Kinks. No, I am not here to kinkshame or anything, I just don't prefer you sharing them to me randomly. Thank you for reading. If I see anyone being disrespectful, I may ask you not to interact with me.

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+ SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS + YouTube - Second YouTube Channel - Instagram - Discord - Arctus The Goddess#4809 (if I don't accept your friend req pls understand that.) > Server Link - (You will need to verify first.)

+ FANART BOUNDARIES + You can draw any of my oc's as long as...... - You do not make any NSFW images of them. I am a minor and I am underaged for that kind of stuff. - No disturbing imagery (pls don't.) - Adding stuff that is not cannon (such as one of my oc's dying even thought that doesn't relate to the story. If so, it's an AU or something lol.) - Hate art is prohibited. (Such as hate symbols, cults, etc.) - No putting your fetishes onto my OC's. That is also NSFW and is disgusting in my opinion. Keep your fetishes to yourselves. Not to children who are barely developed online such as me. Lol. - If you want to draw ships, make sure I agree to it first lolz. (Such as if you ship Me X Someone idk) - Have fun. Just don't do anything weird or it's an automatic block I stg-

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The improvement is improving

yeah I can tell my art is improving

tys sbss gsh s


I mean this in the nicest way: Your page makes my eyes feel like they are about to explode, resulting in my blood vessels erupting and killing me😍

I changed it to blacc

ngl that looks better

No I needed that criticism bestie

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