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Supergirl parody - DC reboot



This is a heavily edited version of Mahmud Asrar's cover art for Supergirl #1 (September 2011) intended as a satire of the design conventions pertaining to female superhero protagonists' costumes. The joke should be appreciated in light of the recent controversy regarding DC Comics' treatment of female characters - most recently, the news that the interior pages of the new Cliff Chiang-drawn Wonder Woman #1 have her in a re-redesigned costume, putting her back in her old-fashioned bloomers with bare legs, instead of the pants seen on the cover.

Nevertheless, this is not a slight against Asrar's Supergirl - I actually like the costume, for the most part, though it could use some work between the waist and the knees. Likewise, Chiang's Wonder Woman art is gorgeous, pants or no pants. The joke is primarily about the general treatment of female superhero characters, and secondarily about DC Comics' muddled, often backwards editorial decisions, such as the reversal of the decision to put pants on their heroines.
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DC never had a reversal to put pants on there heroines. Unfortunately you've fallen foul of having a piss poor evidential standard. At no point did DC ever say they were putting there heroines in pants: Bleeding Cool said they did & then people repeated it & people didn't bother to question the source... Because people are predominately morons.

Whenever you hear something online, the very first thing you say to yourself is "is this a credible source for this information" & then regardless of the answer, you go look up a legitimate primary source for the information.