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I'll be back soon, just trying to cope with smth :) I miss you all
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I got tagged by two people hahahaha Tagged by: ~JuneArtCraft19 ( & :iconMars-Diamond: Post 8 facts about your ocPersona NO TAGS BACK! Here goes Ash~ 1: The stitches on his hand are tattoos and he has a couple more 2: Sleeps a hella lot like vvvvvvv much 3: Loves mother nature of course 4: Ash-hole 101 5: Being a tattoo artist is his side job 6: Often touching someone's hand or back or shoulder 7: Has Autophobia 8: Cannot handle caffeine very well Imma tag hmmmmm aHA People that I'd love to get to know better //cos I don't know much about ya'll :) :iconxXLadyAgonyXx: :iconLeLumy: :iconK4M3DDY: :iconFusselx3:
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Tagged by  *Lady-Rococo (  to do this with 7 This helped me a lot in planning for this character's persona, background and design! Thank you :D Rules: 1) Post the rules 2) Post 8 facts about your character 3) Tag 8 other characters 4) Post their names along with their creators' (the guy at the far right yeet hehehehe) 1. 7 knows little about common sense. 2. Even though he has the aura of "I'm not going to do anything", he's actually a really hard worker. Often carrying the weight of the team. 3. 7's strength is abnormal. Like really abnormal. The others wonder if he's a human or not aha i'm sorry for this child. 4. He is


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Ash Where Are You Buddy? I Miss You. :( I Really Enjoy That You Fave And Comment My Artwork. :(
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StormchiHobbyist Digital Artist
Ashhhhhh friend where are you? How've you been?
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Hey Buddy. Just Checking To See How Are You Doing.
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BritishMushroomHobbyist Traditional Artist
checking up again, hope ya doing okay out there and hope your having fun with the transformers!
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Lady-RococoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey <3

How have you been? I ... really miss you tbh :') I hope your life is going well, it's what you deserve~

BTW it's LunauroraKoroleva
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nkyviHobbyist General Artist
Hope you're doing well, I miss you and your cute art
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BritishMushroomHobbyist Traditional Artist

Where has a bro been man?
*rolls over in the grass and down the hill*