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2020 Summary of Art Template (Blank)


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Hello everyone!! Since I made a template last year, I decided to do it again this year too!! I know it's not December yet, but I decided to post it a little early in case anyone wanted to start working on theirs!!

Anyone can use this, and you can edit it how you like!! The .zip file in the download includes .psd, .sai, and .png versions of it!! .psd and .sai are of course in layers, for easy customization. Just hit download!!

The full template is 2850x3700 pixels; I wanted to give everyone enough room to showcase their art without having to scale it down too much!! Of course, if the template is a bit too big, feel free to size it down. ^^

I'd appreciate it if you would link this blank template in the description if you use it, just so others can have easy access if they'd like to use it too!! You can post it to other platforms, I just ask that you include the link anywhere you decide to post it. And I don't mind at all if you comment your summary down below, it's fun to see everyone's year in review. ^_^

You can find my finished one over here!!

Have fun, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!!

Click here if you're having trouble downloading the .zip file through deviantArt!!

Previous Templates:
© 2020 - 2021 AsterianMonarch
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what is this summary of art

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Finally got mine done and thought to share. Thank you very much for making these templates every year. They are nice and simple and thus let the art speak for themselves.

2020 Summary of Art
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Thanks for sharing this! :)

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My 12 months of torture

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Heya I got to ask but do you have plans for a 2021 version?

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I apologize for the large delay, but I was finally able to do the 2021 template!! You can download it here:

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Hey That's fine ^^ Thanks for this

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Yes, I will be making one!! If you'd like it soon I can go ahead and start working on it now, but it'll take a little while!!
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absolutely Awesome!, take as much time as you like ^^

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Ah thank you!! I'll let you know when it's done and uploaded!!
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thank you very much there ^^

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Finally got around to using this! thank you!

2020 Summary of Art
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Forgot to credit you for the template, here's mine \(^0^)/

2020 Recap
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2020 Art Summary

Thanks for the template :)

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Thank you for the template! :D

2020 Summary of Art
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Thank you for the template!

2020 Summary of Art
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I couldn't find a lot of my files but I made one with the ones I had

2020 Summary of Art
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2020 Summary of Art

Here is mine. Thank you for making the template^^

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