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Corona Gothic by AsterHyakinthou, literature

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My Bio

I've always loved art. I spent my middle school & high school career in magnet schools for the arts. In high school I majored in printmaking & art history.

But I've also always loved science, & late in high school I realized that the market for science is a bit less saturated. In particular, I find studying physics of space (i.e. astrophysics) an immensely spiritual experience, to the extent that one can be spiritual as a secular humanist. So that's what I got my PhD in.

Art is now my release valve, instead of an additional source of pressure, though you'd be surprised how often design and color theory help me in my scientific career. My job also lets me travel quite a bit, so I also like to take artsy-fartsy photos as much as is practical and put them here for posterity.

Note: if you want to color my line art, please PM me for permission (I have never refused—ask and ye shall receive the full-size line drawing), and when you're ready to post, just be sure to include both my name and a link to my original line drawing in the description.

The photos I take usually require very little work on my part, so I don't mind them being used for stock.

Yes, I'm NerdNerdBurger on Imgur. I don't make a big deal of it.

Favourite Visual Artist
depends on the genre
Favourite Movies
Princess Mononoke, LOTR trilogy, Spirited Away, Black Panther
Favourite TV Shows
Mythbusters, Scishow, PBS Eons, Last Week Tonight, The/A Late Show
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Machinae Supremacy, Enigma, Kamelot, Rammstein, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish
Favourite Books
The Discworld Series, Fire Upon the Deep, American Gods, and an unholy ****ton of comics
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, Kurt Vonnegut, Neil Gaiman, H.P. Lovecraft (racism notwithstanding)
Favourite Games
Tokaido, CAH, 7 Wonders, Fluxx, Mountains of Madness
Favourite Gaming Platform
uh...a table
Tools of the Trade
pencil, Wacom tablet, Photoshop, ink, marker, color pencil, ceramic glaze, sometimes print
Other Interests
astronomy, physics, Non-Western art, manga, botany

Series Update

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Not that anyone really cares, but after laying fallow for upwards of 2 years and with no real long term plan for its entire existence until now, I finally have updates to announce on my original series. 1) It has a name now: Quadrupole Moments (it's an excessively nerdy pun on but everything else I thought of was too edgelord-tier). The name comes from the fact that the threads will typically revolve around the interactions between 3 consistent species, and a 4th one that varies. The 3 consistent species will be humans, a half-finished genetically engineered species derived from humans and other Earth creatures that mostly lives on a moon around the HD 28185b, and an 8-limbed upside-down-Y-shaped species whose name is best transcribed as Gikhnur. The 4th pole may variously be 2 competing sides of one of the above races with the other 2 races caught between them, or another entity or race entirely (e.g. the engineered species' creator, or the
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Finally published the last of my PhD work. I'm free! finish this other paper.
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I was diagnosed with allergic asthma last week. I'm scared of the cost if I have to move back to the US
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Hi-Lo Aster,

Read your bio,

hoped you might be able to appreciate this.

Greets from Gent, Belgium

Indeed I do appreciate it. I'm agnostic about the Sun and stars being self-aware since I don't have the foggiest idea how we could test for it, but it's interesting to contemplate.

request please

Sorry, I'm just a hobbyist who rarely has time to draw her own stuff anymore. I don't take requests or commissions.

I not getting involved in the Bots issue, So I not being Thankful to Bots.

And Thanks for the Warning.