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Distressland: Tickle Me! Section: Tulip's Cycle
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By Aster-Effect   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: December 24, 2017
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"Welcome to Distressland!, here we explain all the Tickle Me! Device Girls routine activities, especially Miss Tulip..."
Time to Bath!:
After her activity, the device will take off the bikini costume and clean the dirt off from her body and nap her sweat, lots of sweats.
"Mmm!..." Tulip feel extremely uncomfortable while the device do this.

Bath Time!:
Do not need to release her position, EVER, the device will kindly provide warm shower, soap, tooth brushes, and more bubblt stuff to wash her body. The device softly rub, using shampoo on her hair, clean her both her arms and foots from the dirt.
Its also time to open her gag and clean her teeth...
"UWWWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" This is only chance Tulip and other girls can scream maniacally while her teeth get brushed.

After bath, the device start dried out her body quickly, the devide also can change it inner temperature; into cold or heat or windy. After everything is okay the device combing her hair and give her sleep lingerie.
The device then quickly shut her face with a gadget and start snapped some electrodes cables on her whole body.
The Device also start massaging and give her body electric therapy to eliminate tiredness, lethargy, weariness etc and also relaxing all of her muscles with that electrodes.
There also headphones applied on her head, that provide some medical waves for her brain. Then her brain also get therapy, greatly eliminated stress. It then also effect on her soul.
The mask also provide her a 'Formula'. What she drink kind of formula, like milk, that fulfill her nutritional needs, it also will make her body and hair smoother, clean and perfect, it also has goods for her bones health too.
This formula is also extremely delicious that give full pleasure to human tongue, and body of course.
"Hmm... Mmm....Heart Heart Heart..." Tulip honestly enjoy the therapy and dinner phase, because it so comfortable, her body weariness are greatly gone and her stress are greatly reduce. She also enjoy the formula, it her new favorite thing in this dimension.

Overall, it's her favorite part. She's so gloriously comfortable and relax, her body, brain, soul and her tongue, she never felt like this on Earth, the designer are smart to keep up the device girls. The enjoyable part, free massage ever touched her body and most delicious stuff ever touched by human tongue.

"Mmm......Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart...... "

Good Night!:
It time to sleep, time to smart-chip do the job and make her sleep. Have a good night.
While sleep, the device also start wearing new bikini and costume for tomorrow.
This cycle go on FOREVER, back to activity, Time to Bath!, Bath Time!, Dinner!, Good Night!, repeat, FOREVER.

Oh... wait...

"Mmm... mmm... mmm.........." Tulip is rebel, she still can control herself and woke up, but still very sleepy due control of the chip, at this time the security of device had 500% more stronger than usual to protect her from anything outside there.
"WAM!" the metal door is closed.
"Mmm...... " She stil struggle, in half-sleep condition, but still... in this condition she become moveless because of device tightness, totally cannot see, hear, feel anything, even mumbling. She can only breathing and feel her heartbeat.
Then she beg the formula again, each time she beg, the device will know her emotion and automatically provided the formula as she desire.
While sleep the electrode therapy also still running.
If it really late night, the chip will immediately active the power 5x stronger and then she fall asleep immediately. for start of TOMORROW.

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" Have a nice dream...

All device girls also has same cycles like her.

Since this dimension has really different time unlike Earth, it effect on Human Earth. In this dimension time, it almost timeless for the human and other being from it original dimension.

What do you think if you girl are stuck there forever in that cycle? XD Comment below...

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is there an uncensored version
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Very interesting cycle.
Aster-Effect's avatar
Aster-EffectProfessional Digital Artist
thanks, have fun imagine it XD
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themanredyoProfessional Writer
I like it a lot! I'm always a fan of long-term punishment and captivity, and you've done an amazing job on her body and the machinery! I like all the electrodes on her body in the sleep mode. I imagine these would map her mind, to craft ever-stronger tickle torment and even shape her dreams so that she can't escape there.

The massage and good food is a nice touch. It gives her something to look forward to. Would like to see more lewd features added to her captivity -- teasing and keeping her on edge. Really amazing!
Aster-Effect's avatar
Aster-EffectProfessional Digital Artist
one word: "thank you" ^_^
.... is two words right? XD
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pamserbrownStudent Digital Artist
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Aster-EffectProfessional Digital Artist
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pamserbrownStudent Digital Artist
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i want my OC in this
Aster-Effect's avatar
Aster-EffectProfessional Digital Artist
oh... really? :P
1pj's avatar
yessssss u do commissions?
Aster-Effect's avatar
Aster-EffectProfessional Digital Artist
yes, note please...
Aster-Effect's avatar
Aster-EffectProfessional Digital Artist
yeah thanks XD
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