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gift for my friend :iconabbyalisson:

The story bellow also wrote by her:
Enjoy :heart::heart::heart:

My name is Abby Alisson, and I had just started my life as a tickle slave at Distressland, becoming one of their Device Girls in the TickleMe! section. I woke up into my current state, my new reality, unable to believe what had befallen me. I had trouble accepting it at first, but eventually I welcomed my fate, my only regret not finding my way here sooner.

I could tell you about my life before then, before now, but it doesn't matter. I was 23 years old when I became an attraction here. I was a pretty girl with fair skin, a taller, fit frame, long blonde hair often neatly tied into a pony tail and with green eyes that I hope people found welcoming and friendly. Now, I'm a Device Girl with all those same attributes, forever more part of the attractions here.

I don't remember passing out at the end of my old life, though that should have been the last clear memory I had of then. There had been an accident while canoeing down a secluded river, as I braved some rapids. One careless mistake and my boat shattered, pitching me into the water with jagged looking rocks ahead. I swam for my life, unable to fight the current. I remembered a bright light or something and then blackness. It was as if things just faded suddenly, though I didn't remember hitting my head or anything.

I had dreams I couldn't place, though now I realize I was half-awake and experiencing them. I had a feeling of weakness in my limbs as unconsciousness took me. I remember a sinking feeling, as if I was floating or being carried, the feeling of hands on me. I could feel, or maybe just imagine being undressed, having all my clothes stripped off, my body examined and looked at. I can still remember in the depths of that stupor dreaming of being tickled, of slender hands and fingers caressing my nude form, teasing my curves and my soft skin, causing me to giggle. Was I being tested, making sure that I would be perfect for the role I would be in? Or were my captors just having fun with me, the first of many? I remember stirring, feeling a chill all over me from that coldness as air washed over me, only broken by the warmth of hands and tickles.

I came to again briefly I think, my head aching slightly and a small, sharp stinging in my side. I wouldn't know why I had those feelings, not for some time. Unconsciousness took me again, this time without sensation, without anything, as if my mind was shutting down. I would learn eventually it was from the chip installed in my brain to keep me marked and under control.

More flashes of dreams came to me while I was unconscious. Staring at some odd, alien bending over me, the sensation of a gag being strapped into my mouth. Of a collar being almost affectionately placed around my neck, clicking shut with a sense of finality. More hands teasing me from my palms to my lower arms, down my body, playing with my underarms, my breasts, my way too soft tummy and shaking hips. I dreamt of sensual tickles, teasing my thighs and further on up, making me feel hot an flustered, even aroused, and then of tickles further down, past my knees and at my feet. The last caused me to kick and really laugh. I had more flashes of odd dreams, a sensation of being carried or floating, hearing noises all around I couldn't place, finally being stood upright into something, secured. It was even more final than that collar. My dreams became deeper. It was so vivid, so intense. I remember sinking back into the unconscious stupor all the way, a dreamless sleep taking me.

Finally coming to, I let out a groan, feeling dry and safe, though my jaw felt stiff as if something were caught around my mouth. I felt disoriented and stretched, my arms and legs possibly numb since they didn't move when I tried to bring them around. I dismissed those earlier sensations as just being a dream. My green eyes slowly opened before snapping wide, a panicked "MMMPH!" coming from my mouth, my tongue running up against the rubbery gag in my lips. I stared ahead at what looked like was an amusement park of sorts, though there were things there that weren't human at all! Was this a dream or a nightmare? No, I was awake. Where was I, I wondered! What had happened to me? I let out a scream into my gag as one of the alien things staring at me! Do to the alien's movement and the reflection of the light off something it was carrying, I finally caught a glimpse of myself understanding now why I felt dry and could no longer move my limbs.

I stood bound in a metal booth, my arms stretched straight up with my hands disappearing into the ceiling, my legs spread out embarassingly wide and vanishing into openings in the floor. I felt pulled so tight I could barely wriggle my hips or torso. I could see that whoever put me here dressed me in an very skimpy white two piece that looked and felt like it was tied on. Even more alarmingly, I saw a thick pink collar under my neck, belted on with a gold, heart-shaped padlock just under my gagged mouth. The position of the collar limited limited my ability to turn my head to the side too, forcing me to stare forward. Silently, I wondered why. Some sort of bracelet or device was fixed around my right thigh, suggesting a level of technical sophistication by my captors. At my left side a tattoo was etched forever into my skin, a red 1315. Last, which almost made me roll my eyes was a white set of bunny ears. At least they kept my long blonde hair in a neat ponytail as I'd had it before waking up in this... place. Just as quickly as it came, the light shifted and I could no longer see my reflection on the glass in front of me.

I felt my heart race, starting to scream at the alien creatures. Was I in some kind of zoo or theme club? Why had they brought me here?! "Em'mee oudda 'ere!" I cried into the gag, my eyes pleading. I couldn't make out the creature's expression entirely, but it seemed... amused? What kind of sicko was this? "Eeeey 'ouuuUU! 'Emmmeeee odda eeeear!" I cried into my gag before stopping. So caught up in my own situation, I missed the laughter around me. I thought it was from others enjoying the sideshows and attractions, but the laughter was frenzied, desperate, mixed in with a muffled quality. "Udd un ear'dth?" I gasped, despite no longer being on Earth anymore, as the alien studied me closely before getting something shiny out of a pocket. I turned to stare at it, confused and worried, wondering what it wanted with me. It reached out to the side of my pod and inserted it just as an announcement came over the loudspeakers.

"Welcome to Distressland! Our TickleMe! Section has a brand new Device Girl from the dimension with the planet called Earth. Uh-oh! It looks like Abby Alisson, our new 23 year old beauty, is about to be introduced to our machines."

"UAAAT?!!" I cried into my gag, hearing the clink of the coin into the machine, the laughter, the reason for my peculiar bondage all coming together. I was going to be tickled for some alien's amusement! My green eyes hardened, nostrils flaring, watching the alien's appendage reach out and press something on my machine. I drew in a deep breath, ready to unleash a string of curses at the alien, not caring if the gag muffled me so he likely couldn't understand what I was saying. How dare they keep me like this?!

Just as I finished my breath, chest heaved up, the tickling started. It felt like hundreds of tiny soft bristles ran over all over my poor size 9.5 feet, hidden below me, getting EVERYWHERE! Under my long toes, between them, all over my smooth arches and heels and even covering the tops of my feet! I let out a shriek, my body shaking, eyes wide. NO! NO! NO! I was too ticklish! This was awful! I needed it to stop! I couldn't move my feet at all, my toes bound and spread, realizing too even my hands above were stretched out in the same way. I burst into laughter. "MHAAHMMMMMMPHAHAHAHMPPH!" screaming into the gag as what looked like wavy pink tentacles sauntered out of the sides of my device. I caught them out of the corner of my eye and started to shake my head as they approached my thighs and then stomach. In seconds, I howled and laughed like I NEVER had before, my quivering thighs and sensitive tummy stroked by these infernal tentacles.

I had adored tickling and even fantasized about being tied up and tickled before. It was something I enjoyed, even got off on, but what was happening now, what I was experiencing was beyond my wildest fantasies. I was trapped and finding the tickling I'd privately, secretly hoped for was beyond my ability to take it. It was a rush of intense, crunching irony as this hit, my body turning into a quivering frenzy of flesh.

I was sure I'd pass out in minutes, even hoping I would, unable to take such horrible, constant tickling, but it kept on and on. My eyes watered up, staring at the alien who gestured for others to come over and look at me. Another alien reached out and my watery eyes, full of tears, caught the sight of another shiny coin. I tried to shake my head again, aware that this was probably egging the crowd on, making them more eager to see me suffer. The coin slid in and another button was pressed. Within seconds, vines ending in a bright blue flower appeared. The went up to to my underarms and breasts, releasing a pollen that made them tingle as if they were now even more sensitive. I stared at them, still laughing uncontrollably from the other tickling, trying to recoil when the petals opened up, teasing my perfectly cared for underarms, the tops of my breasts that weren't covered by my bra and even my neck under my chin. I was going insane! I couldn't take it! I wanted to pass out, knowing I should be breathless and exhausted before too long.

To my surprise and horror I endured, my stamina amazing, confusing, and terrifying me. I never felt out of breath, never came close to passing out. For several long, long minutes, then hours, the torture continued, forcing shrieking, distressed laugh from poor, helpless me. Hours passed and visitors would stop, laughing and looking at me as my cries rose through my gagged mouth, joining the chorus of other gagged laughter around me.

After what felt like an eternity, the tickling stopped. I sagged, crying. I couldn't take more of this. I wished I'd drowned in that river, realizing then whoever brought me here likely saved my life, plucking me out of my home... dimension? before the river could take me. Angry and confused, I let out a sigh, shivering. Some part of me knew I'd never see my friends or family again and that my old life was over, even as I hoped I could escape or would be released. I closed my eyes, trying to mentally decompress when a shadow passed over my field of vision. My eyes snapped open and I heard more coins, watching the visitors press even more buttons.

Before long, my body was engulfed in what looked like giant pink furry caterpillars that crawled all over me, wrapping around my torso and limbs. Their fur seemed to vibrate wildly, making my earlier torture seem light by comparison. This time my feet tingled with constant tickling, as if zapped with an electricity that only stimulated my nerves making them feel constant, never-ending tickles. Unable to cope, I laughed madly as this went on and on. Soon it was mechanical hands and brushes. Then slimes that engulfed my entire body and kneaded it, getting even inside my white two piece, sending spikes of intense pleasure that confused me even as I laughed like a madwoman. That last was too unfair! Too much!. There was always more, never enabling me to see what tickled my hands and feet, and even times where I was blindfolded too, making the tickling even worse!

I knew I had been like this for hour and hours, unable to count. Had it been a day? It felt so much longer? Slowly, I felt the ache of my bound limbs, a breathlessness in my lungs. I didn't know if this was my first "day" or if more time passed. Mentally, I had to pull away, unable to endure it. It was horrible, but I found within each tickling there was a point where my heart raced even more and I felt a rush through my body as endorphins and adrenalin kicked in. And when the tickling got my most sensitive, most sensual spots like that slime... I felt hot and flushed, loving it in spite of not wanting to, which just made me angry and a little confused. Was it wrong to be so... worked up while on display for countless leering alien visitors?

To my surprise, the mechanical hands returned and started to untie my two piece bikini and removing those ridiculous bunny ears. I flushed with embarrassment, afraid the aliens would look at my nude body! To my surprise, the gag came loose and I worked my jaw. "Oh my gosh! Lemme out! Please tell me you're done with me!" I cried, hopeful that meant they were letting me go finally. I was naked, exposed, and beyond humiliated just as water jets sprayed me, forcing a surprised "Ack! What the- Aeeee Hey! Stop that!" I squealed just as the hands fixed a ring gag into my mouth, spreading it open. "Ughh! 'Eeeey! N'uooooh!" I protested indignantly as scrubbers went all over my body! They weren't rough, but they were thorough, getting everywhere, covering me in suds like I was in a bubble bath. It almost felt good, but it was degrading all the same. I closed my eyes, wondering why the ring gag was on when something went in my mouth, brushing my teeth and cleaning in there. I tried to bite out of sheer rebelliousness, but couldn't because of the ring gag, soon breaking into more laughter as the scrubbing got my thighs, tummy, and my poor, poor feet, not trying to tickle them, but doing it all the same....

I wondered if I was going to be left to drip and dry when warm air blew over me. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation. After all the horrible, insanity inducing tickles, this felt nice, almost like I was being pampered. I smiled, wondering if maybe, just maybe I could enjoy this at least, though a part of me still felt angry at being kidnapped and used so... wrongly. On the other hand, my captors likely saved my life and seemed to be caring for me, and while at the time I'd never admit it, the tickles felt... great. It was more than I could take, but I loved it all the same, which also made me feel confused. It would be one thing if it was pure torture, or pure bliss, but it was a mix of both, all in one.

I watched as combs appeared, straightening out my long blonde hair, brushing it before ensuring it was neat and dry, pulling it back into a ponytail. I smiled at that, feeling a sense of home as my hair was done. I watched as comfortable night clothes were tied on, giving me a sense of restfulness and no longer feeling so... exposed. I wondered if I'd be fed too when a mask like device lowered itself approaching my face. I flinched back, afraid of it, tensed up as it covered my face, blindfolding me. I barely dared to breath, not knowing or trusting this device until something poked at my lips and liquid came out.

Delicious didn't begin to describe it. It had a liquid texture and flowed down smoothly, its taste unlike anything I had on earth. I sucked it down greedily as I felt pressure on my ears and points all over my body from my hands, arms, torso, legs and even over my sensitive feet. As I closed my eyes and drank, trying to relax and unwind, I felt a wave of euphoria through me, the pressure on my ears seeming to rattle my brain in a way that made me just... melt. I cooed with pleasure even as the ache and tension in my muscles faded. It was heaven! I lost track of time in this state. I had massages given by professionals and even lovers, but never this good. It wasn't music in my ears, but it soothed me all the same. I mentally pulled myself together, telling myself I'd survive this park and being part of the device. I would find a way to escape maybe? In the mean time, I could enjoy this. Relaxed, I slowly drifted off to sleep, placated and happy....

As I fell asleep, I realized I didn't know what marked me for being chosen as a Device Girl. Being ticklish obviously, but why me? In hindsight, it could have been a number of things. I was still scared, still nervous, but on the whole, I found my heart pounding, a hot sensual tingling running up inside me. Was it the hours I spent surfing the web, digesting naughty stories of lovely girls kidnapped or volunteering for intense bondage, held beyond their limits and tickled into madness? Pictures and artwork of the same? Or looking for videos and clips of models I wish I could be in the place of, watching them struggle, hearing their laughter and moans as they were tickled, teased, taunted, and driven into quivering, begging, moaning and shrieking agony and bliss? Maybe too, it was the few times, those very few, but oh so wonderful times I persuaded my partners and lovers to bind me to the bed, blindfold me, and then tickle my body all over.

Was some higher power watching all this? Looking on and recording it all? Maybe reading my most intimate, deepest thoughts? Was that why I was saved to become a Device Girl, a play-toy here at the park? I don't know. It seemed a worthwhile price, t be snatched up and taken, given what might have happened to me otherwise.

I awoke the next morning, wondering if was all a dream, but looking down, I could see I was still in my device... still trapped... once more in my white bikini and bunny ears, gagged. Another crowd gathered, stopping at what sounded like other girls before meandering over to me. My heart almost stopped in my chest, my tears forming. I wasn't ready! I couldn't take this! Not more tickling! But it started, sending me into fits of laughter. Minutes turned to hours as the crowd ate up my desperate, helpless laughs and shrieks, my pale cheeks flushing as I tried to endure. Only after countless hours, when I swore I physically couldn't take it any more, did the torments stop, feeling those now familiar hands undress me. I sighed, not happy about being exposed and naked briefly, but hoping the same routine followed of delicious nourishment and relaxing, which it did.

As days passed, I learned something that sent me into a panicked frenzy and was my lowest, worst time here at Distressland. The speaker came on again, blaring one of its ads for the TickleMe! section. Sometimes it announced specials, or other new girls. This time, it helped me understand why I never felt tired from tickling that would have probably killed me back on Earth with how intense it was.

"Please enjoy the TickleMe! Section, full of lovelies from Earth! Because they were pulled across a dimensional barrier, they are not subject to time as it passes here. They won't age, won't tired, and will remain lovely, helpless, and ticklish for you forever!"

I started to scream and struggle. Forever! No! No! No! I would not, would NOT, EVER, NEVER be like this forever! I'd sooner die! It sunk in I'd never go home, and I'd be some toy for centuries and ages to come. Never to be free, always tickled, always teased. Was this hell? I sobbed and when visitors approached, I glared at them, my green eyes cold and menacing. Sometimes they would take it as a challenge and try to push me over the edge, causing muffled screams of ticklish agony and rage to erupt at them and this device holding me. Others actually seemed intimidated and chose other girls who looked like they would be more fun. As my sales suffered, I got peace and satisfaction, but the device realized what was going on and installed a blindfold around my eyes, tightly bound to my head. I could glare and scowl, giving muffled, angry shouts as I heard the jingling of coins, but it lost its impact without my eyes to add to the effect. Sales... and my torments... resumed. I kept getting angrier and the tickles kept driving me crazier and crazier. I thought I would completely lose myself.

As days wore on, turning into weeks, I started to find something peculiar. I think I got a bit of a reputation among the Device Girls, being something of a challenge, ticklish, but almost too angry, too hateful to laugh. I once come close to almost dislocating my arms out of my sockets in a desperate attempt to escape, vowing to take that risk despite the pain. Unknown to me still, there was that chip in my head that made me drowsy, lethargic, taking away the energy to harm myself. I would only learn of it later from hearing visitors talk about it. Adding to the intensity, my restraints became even more intense, binding my torso in place. I could move even less. I slept fitfully, waking up in a rage, having to be induced into sleep forcefully by that chip. Trapped, motionless, and nearly permanently blindfolded, I found my anger and frustration exhausting... and boring... I just stood there in a senseless void when I wasn't being teased, hearing laughter and squeals, sometimes enjoyable, many times distressed, and then felt like I was being left out. I started to get anxious, even angry when I wasn't being tickled. As boredom took me I almost started to welcome the visitors that would torture me with tickles from my device.

Weeks passed and while the tickling still drove me nuts, I started to enjoy it. It was a small change, but it broke the monotony of my day at first, keeping me guessing what sensations, what tickles would happen. It always seemed my poor sensitive feet got it, sending me into hysterics, but the rest of me soon followed, engulfed in tickles, and I laughed. I no longer fought the laughing smile on my face in due time, giving in. I slowly made my peace with my fate. The tickles made me feel alive, useful. I was better like this than having fallen to that river. And when the tickles were sensual, it was a treat, one that was conflicting, but intense. And... my night time routine of bathing, massaging, and feeding was heavenly. The extra restraints came off, followed by the blindfold, I think to allow my movements to be more natural, more enticing.

I started to make a game of it months after my arrival, trying to see how many I could seduce with a gagged smile or a wink over to lure over to me. I didn't quite learn what all the buttons where on my device, but after seeing and experiencing them long enough, I could guess what presses on her device did what. I found the aliens, so weird and ugly to me at first, charming. I was familiar with their faces and language now, even able to recognize repeat visitors and give them a cheeky smile behind my gag, getting a smile back from them. My life, a haze of torturous and intense tickles felt exciting and fresh. I encouraged others to try new things, embracing the sensations that tapped my sanity away, yet kept my days filled with a sensual and ticklish pleasure that had me screaming, laughing, and moaning. Being so exposed and naked before these aliens didn't bother me any more.

One morning after sleep, I awoke. I could feel my thigh device... my white bikini... my bunny ears, the feeling and jingling of my collar. "Uh... something feels... off..." I said aloud. I got into the habit of speaking aloud into my gag, vocalizing my thoughts. To my surprise the gag was gone? Was it actually gone?! "Oh, oh my goodness!" I cried with delight. I grinned, a happy, wild smile. I saw some visitors notice me and point out the my lack of a gag. "Come on over!" I shouted, exaggerating my mouth movements. They did and my laughter, free and unfettered, rose into the Distressland air as my body was soon tickled mercilessly, my shrieks and squeals drawing more of a crowd. I called out to and playfully taunted them, asking if that was all they got, despite being at my limit, daring them to go after me more to "Come on, make me sing!"

And I "sang" loudly, squealing with high pitched, frenzied laughter, only occasionally broken by husky, erotic moans as the tickling got me in my most sensitive and sensual spots, adding its own dimension to the pleasure. I found I needed the device, needed the attention, and needed the stimulation to stay happy. The alternative was an insufferable boredom that was far, far greater than the suffering my machine inflicted on me. I would still try to lightly coax the customers with teasing or even outright begging, for them to tickle me. If I heard too much silence from the devices on each side of mine, I would even encourage money be spent on them. My neighbors weren't too happy with me doing that at first, but like me, they slowly came around, laughing helplessly, but enjoying their torments.

The routine was only broken by rare occasions where the front of the machine opened. I soon recognized those special tokens that caused it, and the customers could reach in and tickle me as they pleased. I'm ashamed to admit I felt afraid at first. My device tortured me with constant insufferable tickles, but it was MY world, safe, a known quantity. I felt alarm at being exposed to the outside, the security of my device being breached. The alien customers would tease me, not only going after my sensitive flesh, but verbally, calling me ticklish, adorable, and a cutie, and making games of it that made the tickles all the worse for me. I found I could almost always understand them and would taunt back... before being reduced to begging and howling helplessly for mercy. Some of it was playing a part, some of it was the ticklers in those special events being just that good and finding out how my sensitized body worked, knowing just the right spots to send me shrieking wildly to where I had no choice but to laugh and beg.

I lost track of the days, weeks, months... each day offering new excitement, new tortures that sent me alight with laughter and helpless ticklish tears. After what had to have been at least a year, maybe more than a few, I felt settled into a routine, understanding my device, its tricks, and feeling like I knew, inside and out, the ways it could manipulate my body. I hadn't moved my arms and legs on my own in years, but it felt natural, as if I was an extension of the machine I was bound in.

Time passed, and I became aware, painfully at first, then with slow acceptance, that I was forgetting details of my old life. Growing up, friends, family, other dreams. A life I also knew would have ended in that river if I hadn't been snatched away. I started to think of it truly as my Old Life, wondering if this Was this some kind of purgatory or heaven? Or a sweet, treacherous hell that seduced me into accepting my captivity? I didn't know and still don't. As the years would go on, I would forget more and more of my old life, eventually spending more time as a Device Girl than as a free woman. I would have been past middle age by then, but to my delight I was as young and healthy as ever, even more so thanks to the care of the machines I was in. I was approaching a point where the machines I was in was the only life I could remember or know, everything else fading, being one with my bonds and the tickles. And surprisingly, I was alright with that.

After years and years of being in my new home machine, I went through what I thought of as "upgrades", including a "Reward" for loyal customers and probably myself too, of my machine being set to free tickles, keeping me in a near constant state of laughter. Being a popular attraction with what I hoped was my charm, wit, and enjoyment of "performing" here at Distressland, I would get moved around after several years of service in one machine. Some would be biological, like the time I was covered in a slime pit, gagged once more with a breathing mask, the various tokens causing the slime to sprout hands and vibrate faster, penetrating me sensually to tickle inside and out. It was intense, crazy, but I was never bored.

I was bound in various outfits too, almost always with the bunny ears, which I now found cute and natural. The outfits ranged from a cheer leader to mummy-wrapped like an Egyptian, to a scientist wearing only a two piece, a lab coat, and with glasses around my green eyes, to one that was very popular, a pink, well dressed princess that was bound up and tickled out of my mind. Other times I was covered nonstop in fluffy, constantly spinning rollers for a decade or more, laughing madly as almost every one of my most sensitive spots was teased and even pleasured... a list that seemed to grow with each year as my body seemed to become shaped by my surroundings. I could laugh and endure more, feeling more energetic, and all the more sensitive to tickles. A few times I almost rued this change, like when I was put on display to promote the park's gardens. I spent decades within one of Hanging Garden's plants, trapped, nourished, and teased almost 24/7 by the plant as it stimulated me constantly with constant tickles and sensual teases.

I am Abby Alisson, Device Girl 1315 tickle slave. I love my life in Distressland, even as I am tortured, pleasured, and tickled daily. I have been here for decades, maybe a couple centuries? More? It was hard to say. Time had no meaning, only my latest device had meaning. This one had nanobots crawling all over me, into the very crevices of my skin, a shifting grey curtain of goo that had me squealing, shrieking, laughing and begging, with more and more of those bots covering me as more coins were fed in. Blindfolded, gagged, I was spread in a way so my feet were bent back and lifted up by my head, allowing for the customers to see them twitch and wriggle helplessly, I tortured out of my mind... as I should be... as I wanted... as I needed to be one with my tickling device, a plaything at Distressland, here forever... and ever...

My distress, my torture, my ticklish, teasing torments are your pleasure... and mine... until the end of time...

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