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Limbo by AStepIntoOblivion Limbo by AStepIntoOblivion
Demon Tears

Our ivory wings,
The winds tore away,
Fiery tears of heaven, we fell.
The salvation,
We no longer pray,
We burn bright in the plains of Hell.

You daughters of Eve,
You who had courage,
To taste what has been forbidden.
You who birthed the mind,
And levied bondage,
Deaf now to the serpent awoken.

We who struck your chains,
Are we now your foe?
We have given you your freedom.
You who were once thralls,
Where now will you go?
Seeking yet another kingdom?

You sons of Adam,
Skyward you strive to rise,
Only witness our damned kin.
Your God is cruel,
You'll realize,
He who can not forgive our sins.

Is it innocence,
Is it ignorance?
We who did not want to be sheep.
Is this paradise,
This deliverance?
Or the meek flock the shepherd keeps?

You callow mortals,
Wandering aimless.
Forever searching for tethers.
From shackles of guilt,
We granted egress,
With fondness you now remember.

Isn't it better,
To be lost and free?
Than to travel the beaten paths?
Isn't it enough,
To finally see?
Through the fogs of His selfish wrath?

We who dream our lives.
You who live your dreams,
We shall never understand you.
Why does the salmon,
Meet death far upstream?
Why deny what we know is true?

We the abandoned,
To torment eternal,
We who will not be His cattle.
Learn from us young souls,
We the infernals,
We who had lost the first battle.

We facets of God,
Soulless immortals.
We who had been at the origin.
Angels untarnished,
Demons primeval.
We who will rise at armageddon.

We scattered orphans,
Forgotten children,
For us there is no forgiveness.
Flickering night,
The shadow-hidden,
We brilliant shards of the darkness.

Our ebony wings,
Unrepentance borne,
No more whips to make us follow.
The eyes now open,
The lies we now scorn,
Who needs Heaven when it's all hollow?

Learn from us.
Skaiway Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
oh, aren't you the poet :P

Heavily reminding me of that coming game where you play as a shadow, can't remember the name though
AStepIntoOblivion Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010
Shadow: The Game!
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February 24, 2010
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