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FFVII: Wutai Rose

By Astellecia
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I am the champion of the earth and the sky.
I am the conqueror of evil.
The single white rose of Wutai.

:iconastellecia: as Kisaragi Yuffie

:icondarcywilliam: as Vincent Valentine
:iconinu-cos: as Tifa Lockheart
:icondaisyda: as Cloud Strife

Photo by :iconvaxzone:

Helpers :iconashteyz: :iconkissinggiraffe: :iconahkyon: Selicia, Hoshiki and Don

Vax has already upped this shot on his gallery but I couldn't help but up this on mine too >.< Epicly love this shot. This is the culmination of 2 months of suffering, costume making and weight losing OTL. *_* After this I have finally cos-ed from all the FF series that I've played <3 achievement unlocked~

If anyone is interested, the costume is for sale now~

4-point shuriken made by :iconashteyz: and :iconshinjisg87:
Materia Balls made by :iconshinjisg87:
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You would be most welcome in my FF cosplay group on Facebook.  :)…
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My the Lifestream, yes, yes YES!!! THANK you for making such an EXCELLENT, perfect cosplay of Yuffie! Oh, but this is lovely, every single part of it. Pose, costume, everything.
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The hard work and weight loss were worth the suffering; Best Yuffie EVER!!
Yuuri-C's avatar
Beautiful! I love the pose and colors in this!
Ectera's avatar
Well you look fantastic!!! Final Fantasy always has the best character designs! You so have to put a picture up of the whole FF7 group.
Damn well loved this FF, my favorites still X though XD
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OMG SKYE I LOVE YOU FOR THIS~~ Yuffie is my ultimate fave!! :love: kyaaaatz!
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Ho you make a beautiful Yuffie! Love your pose so much <3 :))
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Girl! You so gorgeous!! :heart:
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Wow! Really beautiful rare sight! :D
collin-kerr's avatar
*sigh* So beautiful <3
pohcbSonic's avatar
as expected of a pro. =)
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So beautiful Astellecia >.<
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I love it sweetie!
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This is amazing!!!!
chibifiedkitsunes's avatar
You're selling it already??!!! OAO
I still can't bear to sell the shuriken or the materia box I made!! TAT

Your Yuffie is gorgeous! Jealous of your balls. >_> hahaha~
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You make a perfect Yuffie! The expression on your face is absolutely perfect (so is the whole cosplay lol) :D *hugs*
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