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FFIX Kuja: Be my Canary

By Astellecia
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...shall I become no more than a puppet?
A mindless puppet, never to laugh, never to cry?

:iconhiyuki: as Garnet til Alexandros XVII
:iconastellecia: as Kuja

Photo :iconzerartul:
Photographers :icongarion: :iconpryde4114: :iconashteyz:

Helpers :iconpryde4114: :iconashteyz: :iconrox-windy:

I love this costume because I did absolutely NOTHING for it (except starving myself silly for one week to fit into it)

Costume belongs to :iconashteyz:
Wig styled by :iconk-chan009: and dyed by me~
Thanks for your hard work gaiz :D
Brushes from :iconeterea86:

I love Kuja because he is pretty and flamboyant and GAY <3 Thank you hiyu for asking me to be your kuja, I'm sorry I'm not manry and pretty enough T.T but at least I got the evil and ghey part right~~ Balcony scene, where Kuja accosts Garnet, OH THE JOYS OF BEING A VILLAIN, I fear I have discovered the wonders of the dark side too late in life T.T
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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1/1600 second
Focal Length
50 mm
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Jun 26, 2010, 6:11:13 PM
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:iconbigheartplz: love the theme of this!! u inspire me ^^
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thank you~ I like kujaXgarnet, one of those strange obsessions of mine heh~ even though it totally doesn't work in canon :D
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ahaha i support dagger and zidane hehe only b/c i think Zidanes so cool ^_^
But ur couple actually sounds really cool and intresting
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Lovely! Both Kuja and Garnet. :XD:
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thank you~ :iconhiyuki: makes a really lovely (and traumatised) garnet
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love dagger and kuja :D
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I'm glad you do :D I love my garnet too <3
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Absolutely stunning. Garnet & Kuja
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thank you very much!! <3
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Heh heh, Kuja was yet another of those irritatingly annoying villains in the same vein as Kefka... yet I still felt compassion for him as Zidane did, at the end of the game.

Lovely poses, lighting, costumes and expressions. My only complaint would be the tree-line in the background. I'm not sure if the blurring and outlining against the sky is deliberate, but it doesn't quite work for me. But the overall composition with the black bars, gold text and border and everything else... very nice. <3
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thank you~ border design isn't really my strong point so I'm glad it caame out well~~

I loved kuja, he was one of those villains I really felt for (though I must say square does very lovable villains like sephiroth and even ultimecia to an extent) though Kuja is my absolute fav <3

My garnet was lovely :D I did feel like eating her up like a little canary so it made posing for this shoot really easy fufufufufu~ i think the blurring of the treeline is from the lens ~zerartul used~
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We work with what we can. (:

Sephiroth was a bit of a megalomaniac, but he was okay as a villain, I suppose. He was a good excuse for Cloud and friends to beat up, at least. (: I'll probably like him a bit more if I ever get around to playing Crisis Core - he's supposed to be the hero he was always described as being, in that one. Ultimecia, on the other hand, just comes across as being really angry. I suppose that's because she doesn't really get much 'screen time' - you only really see her at the end of the game.

Yes, Garnet plays her part well here too. Though, I advise against eating your partners. You might not be able to work with many people in the future, if you did. ;)
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this is beyond gorgeous xD
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aww >.< thank you
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very nice, i love the atmosphere of the scene you guys shot. =)
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>__< kyaaaa chibi kuja
<3 <3 <3
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gahhhhh I'm too small sorry OTL
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I am absolutely IN LOVE with the details on these costumes! *___*
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thank you~~ my kuja was borrowed though :D credit goes to K and ash for the wig and outfit!!
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wah skye you can do manry ghey too niceeee X3
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