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Juggling work and cosplay
Loves to travel
Is more than a little obsessed over Levihan at the moment

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Hyung Tae Kim, Yoshitaka Amano, Kaori Yuki, Thores Sensei
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
May'n / Hamazaki Ayumi / Kalafina
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Sylvia Plath
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy Series, Magna Carta
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PS2~ (and the PC sometimes)
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Gone long time~

Gone long time~

Finally sort of coming back to DA again. I'm sorry I've been so inconsistent with updating but work has really eaten my life. Most of my cosplay-related uploads are all on Diva Cos on facebook now because it's the fastest place for me to put things up >.< If anyone is interested in the WIP photos :D >> Been cosplaying alot less than before because, but slowly working on a few things. Made two new costumes this year :3 Nonon from Kill la Kill and Lenne from FFX-2 which was a costume I've been wanting to do for years and years <3  Thank you Yuna sama- Rainer for being so wonde

Sales Post Again

Sales Post Again

So the other day, I tripped and fell on a bag of costumes while trying to walk from my door to my bed. And I decided it was time to clear out the room...and I found...alot alot of things (wigs and costumes) that I won't need anymore. Selling a couple of costumes really cheap (mostly because I need to clear a path to my bed) and wigs as well. Costumes include: Mulan, myoubi, kururu, shion, kakyuu etc. Most of them are priced SGD30 and below (not including shipping) Please help me be able to walk to my bed without tripping OTL. Please check out my fb album for photos of the costumes/wigs and more details! :3



Ohohohoho morning everyone :3 Up bright and early to head off for Jcos in JB in awhile! Going in hobo mode Skye today because I'm too tired to wear my costume after annual work dinner last night. Shall bring shades and cap and attempt to look like a carpark stalker hurhur~ See you there if you're going! AFA was absolutely glorioussssssssssss shall make a post on it soon now that I'm out for the holidays heehe! Going to be working on a few costumes soon for EoY and Comic Fiesta! Time to start sewing again woot!

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Nice to see you're still around even if you've moved to so-called 'social' media like a lot of other artists I follow here. Wishing you well during this quarantine time.

More like I realized useful deviantart is *_* I don't know where all my photos earlier than my deviantart days have gone so using it as my storage now heehee. Hope you're staying safe too! I'm just stuck at home everyday OTL

Yes, also stuck at home, but as someone on the introvert end of the spectrum I'm pretty relaxed about it all. God is still good. ;)

Whatever works for you! After all these years I still enjoy seeing your photos.
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happi bdae......

Mar 8, 2020

2) Bdae Pics: - Chinese Quote - English Quote - CCSAkura

3) Bdae "Songs"/Videos: - Fievel - Somewhere Out There [HD music video + lyrics] - Mayday五月天【星空】MV官方完整版-電影「星空」主題曲 - Gumi - Childhood Blues (オサナナブルー)