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Nearly Christmas Time...

Sat Nov 14, 2015, 6:02 PM

Navigator by ExitMothership

Sorry to all who have sent messages and replies and gotten nothing in return.
I have been pretty nauseous through this pregnancy, and had some personal things to deal with as well as moving house! So it's been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

And the horrible news about Paris :( tragic!

In more positive news, I recently saw The Martian. Oh Em Gee... Loved it like crazy! And next weekend I'm heading off to see Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 2. HellzYeeeeah! (Ps. If you have a lover/hubby/wife/partner/etc and have had tension... go on date nights. I am so glad I've reinstated this, because before that we were fighting so much. DATE NIGHT! WOOT! so important for every relationship/marriage)

And, of course, as my journal subject says - it's nearly Christmas time. And those who know me well know that Christmas is by far my most favourite time of year. And we're hosting lunch at our new home. SO EXCITED. I love Christmas parties. It's a time to spend time with those who don't have anywhere else to celebrate, and of course with family. It also gives me an opportunity to be all creative and give hand made things to people. I'm wracking my brain trying to think of something cool to make for everyone this year, but our christmas guest list is steadily growing! :o Cray cray.

I am also thinking about making a big hamper for a family in need as not everyone has awesome things to do or even get gifts this time of year because money gets tight... 

anyway I hope you all are having fun preparing for Christmas, and if not, I hope there are people out there who have extended their friendly hand to you so that you can be with loved ones.

Stay cool, peeps. and if you are cool enough, stay hot :P

Jojo. :heart:

Here is some Christmas eye candy for you.

Christmas Fantasy by Candra Operation Secret Santa by LyntonLevengood
Merry Christmas Everyone ! by EsbenLash
It falls without a sound by PascalCampion BattleSanta by Wreckonning
Dwarf City at Christmas by charco
Aglow by Rinian 
Merry Christmas :heart:

Skin by Dan Leveille

Senior Mentors: How can we help?

Sat Sep 5, 2015, 7:21 PM
Hello you seriously awesome super deviants of the world!

A few of the SMP admins have been throwing ideas around and while our ideas are pretty damn good (well they are, if I don't say so myself!)... they are our ideas. So we thought we'd extend the offer of hearing your thoughts. We'd love to hear any suggestions or ideas for the group that would better help you all in any way or improve the group in some form.

Anything you want to talk about, anything you'd like to say - we're all ears. 

And if you don't have anything to share, then buy some kfc and do the chicken dance with us...

We look forward to hearing from you all soon, with all your fantastic ideas and thoughts.

If there is a personal matter regarding the group, please speak to JenFruzz  via a note, or send a note to the group. Thank you for your understanding.

Voyage to the unknown: Scratchboard

Wed Sep 2, 2015, 5:12 PM

 View from the Oberbaumbruecke by RoodyN
When I was doing Illustration in college, I got to dabble in scratchboard. Oh my goodness, I've never felt so excited about an art medium before - except when I did copper plate etching. These two would have to be my all time favourite mediums - even more exciting to me than digital art! I know! Crazy, since I'm a digital art whore, right?

Anyway, I've been tagged to do my own version of #thevoyage and I'm so happy to do it. I never visit this gallery, and maybe this is because I'm always so wrapped up in learning how to be epic in digital art... I don't know.

Scratchboard, for those who don't know, is a technique where you scrape black (sometimes white) india ink away from white china clay (sometimes you can find coloured clay but white with black ink is my favourite). The tools can be rather broad depending on the technique you are after, but mostly, the main tool you use is a scratch tool or blade. But you are not limited to these tools.

Here are some amazing pieces of work right here in our community that use scratchboard. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Harry Otter by rainyXskyz  Astral Weeks by oponok
Mech-Frog 'B' by Rodmansvisuals Girl Flying by SallyNixon
Enchanted by Laurasshadesofgrey Liquid Silk 2 by AndreaWidgetArt Balloons by ErBrun
Anxiety by SallyNixon When the Dream Came by Hungry-Spider 

Aren't they all so beautiful?

So... Here's what you can do to help this project along. Head on over to Voyage to the unknown: Master Journal and have a read up. It will explain what the purpose is and it has all the past VTTU journals other people have done! So you can have a look around and see what is there!

I'm going to tag a few people, but please do not feel obligated, this is just for some fun! And if you've already done it, I'm sorry!

OdysseusUT, Gudsforladt, krasblak, SnazzyDoodle, DonutSalad, UseR2006, TheThingThatIs, AHeartInABox, Kithanna

Tagee's were found while trolling the dAmn chat rooms. Again, this is an obligation-free tag.

Have fun! :bye:

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Let's Share!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2015, 6:25 PM

I was tagged (yey!) by Astralseed to do this, and boy am I excited!

In a comment below please post your favorite deviation from your own gallery, your favorite deviation from my gallery, and your favorite deviation from any other artist on DA.  
If you are able to use thumbs in comments by all means, use them, otherwise please feel free to use links.

If you comment on this journal as directed, I'll in turn visit your gallery and tell you which of your deviations is my favorite! 

Show us all the amazing art!

My art

Attuned Concept 3 by Astarsia

I will probably redraw this one day or redo it in photoshop/SAI... but i adore this drawing of mine. Although I did find the choice really hard because I'm not confident with some of my art. But this one stood out. It's a story-telling picture from my manuscript. These twins are in pain, sharing pain. It's a twin thing.

Favourite on DA

Cold heart by N0tisme

Yes, this is my favourite. It's got a beautiful texture, giving it a pensive feel that causes me to just enjoy it all the more. The angle and shape of the woman gives it a beautiful mystery. The simplicity is so effective. I'm shocked it hasn't had more exposure.

Your Turn!

Remember, one from you, one from me, and one from another deviant!  Go nuts guys! I can't wait to see your loves.

Tagging!!!: AH-Kai, Gaidenlight, SavageFrog, ScarletWarmth, Ruth-Tay, Sonmaru, xXVVSOSVVXx, Aquilapse, PrideAlchemist7
Deviant's were randomly chosen while I was hunting for new taggees in the dAmn Chat, #ThumbHub
If you'd like to do this, you don't have to be tagged! Just do it! Link it back to me, I'd love to see it.

:bulletred: :dalove: :bulletred:
Don't forget to check out these amazing groups.
:iconseniormentors: :iconprojectcomment: :iconcommunityrelations:
:icondigitalists: :icondigitizing: :iconspeedpaintstudies:
Do you want to be mentored with your art? head on over to [seniormentors] and connect with a Senior today!
:bulletred: :g'daymate: by stuck-in-suburbia Made in Australia :wave: :bulletred:

My Daily Deviation Highlights

Sat Aug 22, 2015, 4:28 AM

breakfast by ElenaShved

So, there is currently a project happening with the Community Volunteers, and the whole point is to share with you all some amazing daily deviations, because even though they're being given the honour, they still aren't getting the full exposure they deserve. At least that's what I think this project is about! :giggle: 
Anyway so I'm doing my part. I was tagged to do this by Mrs-Durden - Thank you, lovely. :heart: For those of you who know me, I love being tagged. And it got me off my bum to do something for a change. So thank you!

Anyway, enough chatter. I shall share the information from Mrs-Durden's Journal, and tag a few people as well.

Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!

Use the hashtag #DDHighlights so we can find your journals! Love

breakfast by ElenaShved is the header for this journal. It was a featured DD in Mrs-Durden's journal.

Shiva by Coliandre Fusion by rajewel Forest Maiden by laloon

 Tree House by nokeek
Hippie by Skvits Twists And Turns.2 by bexa
Fairy tale by SwanYevgeniya A little elephant by IgnisFatuusII

You may choose to feature deviations from all categories, or you can focus your journals on a specific category such as Photography, Fan Art, Manga/Anime or whatever suits you! This is a very open project in which creativity in the way you choose to highlight Daily Deviations is welcome and encouraged!

I will be tagging people in mine, however, this is not mandatory!

I tag: pinkythepink, nosugarjustanger, sockhiddenunderarook, Andorada, RubySummit, Rhyn-Art, DamaiMikaz, TheGraphicNovelist, DMD-CT, Lintu47

All taggees were found because they had left a comment on my page at one point or another. I appreciate the comments on my page and I hope by being tagged you do not feel offended that I have asked your help in this project.

Skin by Dan Leveille
Every month, a forum thread in the Digital Art forum is posted asking people to share their work if they'd like to receive critique. As a result of these threads, we'd like to showcase some of the work from the month before. This feature is for the Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread: [July]. Although the forum thread has been closed, please feel free to revisit the forum and share your critique on the artists work.

Contemplate by Niflem Poledancer Remake 2015 by MinayasStudio Good morning, my Dear!! by Ninelyn

For Azeroth! by Elrohr Chamomile by jinzou
Mountain Pass by Reeves123
Mary Kozakura by Plaguey  
Door by TheBlue-Light Dream by IzaakShoelaces 

Thank you for sharing your art with us:

TheArtLone, Niflem, Annacchii, MinayasStudio, HG-The-Hamster, Ninelyn, RainKacper, melebula, Emmeline856, Jhetzul, nixitnart, Hearstar,  EmmanuelNgene, Elrohr, gothezra, JMTeal, HollyOPK, Harlequin-Werewolf, mystraknits, Plaguey, Wheats-cat, shotgunRunner, aebeylenn, anime-master-96, kalosy, jinzou, KallistoJaris, superiorprimate, fireytika, ahmadkattan, Whails, Reeves123, jasonevangelista, teeyu, ventimocha, TheBlue-Light, IzaakShoelaces, Elvarnya, guchay, nyankola, Princess-Ni-Ni, Anilion, lili-tomato, Flufflebug, Inkesnlow, vomiter

And thank you to all the deviants who offered critique. Heart

If you would like critique on your work, please head over to: Monthly Digital Art Critique Thread [August] and you can also offer helpful tips to others, as well. Stay tuned for the next article.

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 6:20 AM

Fireworks 5 by DaXXe
Happy 15th Birthday, DeviantArt. Heart 

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
I created my DeviantArt account on September 30th, 2003. That means I've almost been on here for 12 years (minus the 6 years where I mysteriously went AWOL)...

2. What does your username mean?
Once upon a time, at a rather young age, I was a regular on mIRC. I made many good friends on there, and my nickname used to be "Jobble" (I got it from another friend who called me that, because my name was Jo Bell... if you say it fast.. there you have it.). However, I was quite often mistaken for a boy, and I really ended up disliking the name. I'm the kind of person that is loyal to a fault, so changing my nickname was no easy feat. But with the help of a few friends, one uncle-type-friend helped me come up with a cool new name. I am utterly and uncontrollably obsessed with stars. I love them. If you give me something with a star, I'll likely love it and you. So we all decided that my name needed to have "Star" incorporated.
I also adored a name that my father wanted to call me when i was born but as he tells it, he was "outvoted" and so instead of being called this name, I was stuck with Joanne. I adore the name he wanted me to have, so I wanted it to be an inspiration to my name.
That name is "Anastasia".
So with that, my friend and some other friends came up with "Astarsia" and I haven't looked back. That was about 17 years ago.
This name is come to be something quite significant for me, and not a name I can easily remove. I am loyal to the name and it encompasses who I am on the innermost part of me. I am known not just on DeviantArt but on World of Warcraft and other games and pages as Astarsia. It's no longer just a username or a nickname. I am Astarsia.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Tenacious. Confounded. Creative.

4. Are you left or right handed?
I am right handed for the most part. But my culinary skills are left handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
finished- latino, digital by Astarsia
My first exposure to my l33t Photoshop Skillz!

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
I love Portraiture. I couldn't just stick to one single media on this one. Portraiture with Photography, Digital Art, Traditional... anything. The human face absolutely fascinates me. I'm not the best at it, but I'm always learning, and I'm constantly fascinated by my progress and watching other people do so well, too.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I'd love to be amazing at Action style Digital Art. I know its not a particular category. But I have been noticing that all of my characters and subjects are constantly sedentary. I'd love to know how to give the effect of movement, action, speed... etc. This is something that appeals to me.

8. What was your first favourite?
tidus and yuna by Sawma
Technically it's NOT my first ever favourite, but it's the one in the list at the very start. I have a terrible habit of going through my things and changing them to what suits me these days. In about a year, this one may not have made the cut (although i still love it, so that's unlikely.. but you get the idea). As my tastes change, so do my favourite listings.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I'm a bit of a Digital Art>Drawings & Paintings whore. So, I stalk those galleries the most. But I do try to branch out as much as I can bring myself to. I have a few other's that I admire, but nothing as much as the digi draw/paint gallery.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
This is a very difficult question because there are so many amazing people here. I think if i was to name anybody I'd have to consider why i would do this... Instantly I'm drawn towards the resource gallery. I have a few favourites, but to be honest, my most favourite artist on DeviantArt would definitely have to be faestock

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
without a doubt, i'd love to meet JenFruzz . I think we get along so well that in person it wouldn't even be any different. Except I'm pretty "blonde" (although brunette) sometimes. At least this fact would keep the mood light.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
inprotest's photography and his view and passion towards being different and more open to visual expression has really helped me look at my work differently, not just the photography I attempt, which is probably just the same as everyone other tom dick and harry, but to realise the potential in a thought which can be made into a visual interpretation.
While I have been impacted by the likes of people from other vast and wider areas such as Macabre Photomanipulation long ago, there is something so perfect in the discovery of an awesome shot that you never intended in the first place, and taking pride in the accidental perfection. Watching Tig's pride in this has helped me understand my own limitations more.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Photoshop, Wacom Tablet, I'm learning to use Paint Tool SAI thanks to Astralseed's encouragement. I can't look back on that one, it was a super awesome purchase (yep i have taken the plunge).
My dSLR camera - Canon EOS 600D. I'm not up with all the words yet and can't even tell you what kind of lenses i have, because I should use it more often, but I'm enjoying experimenting and learning as I go.
Good old sketch on paper when i'm going nutso.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My computer Desk. I tend to do all of my art here, and I have done that forever. Even in art school I did this. It's my zone.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
There are many, but I think when all the planning and coordinating for the biggest Australian DevMeet came together and I met so many participants from the Melbourne group (had a DevMeet in every Capital on the same day at the same "time" of day. Took 6 months to plan and it was amazing). I was fortunate to have the support from DeviantWear back when it was a thing, and they posted some awesome gifts out to give to people who came. I distributed them using a quiz about DeviantArt, which turned out to be quite competitive, and lots of fun.
This was my favourite DeviantArt day. Meeting the REAL deviants and getting together on a level where we all understood what made us an awesome group - friendship and art. It was a perfect day.

Skin by Dan Leveille

Digital Art Community Feature #26

Fri Jul 31, 2015, 1:20 AM
Digital Art Community Features only features artwork from Digitalists favorite feature folder. If you want your art featured, please just submit your artwork in this folder.

Autumn by manapi Child of The Earth by Wesley-Souza asoiaf: Sansa and Sandor by MathiaArkoniel
Jhator by Reicheran
Dreamy Jaaz by DenzelAJackson Galadriel by Veronika-Art
 Desktopography 2014 - Remembrance by Jesar
Destination by BrocX Huitzilopochtli by Reicheran

I will always love you :(

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 9:43 PM

My Bella-Boo by Astarsia

My dearest Bella-Boo.
I'm so sorry to have to say goodbye.
You were a happy girl. Too excited, easily annoyed, bossy, like my own personal shadow.
Everything was yours. Didn't matter if it wasn't actually yours, you made it yours.
I wish I had a way of taking away the bad things so that you could have stayed with us forever. 
I wish I could teach you that biting was bad. That digging was bad. That escaping wasn't safe. 
I cherish the times when you are the most calm, the most quiet, the most cuddly. 
I feel guilty for making the choice to send you to heaven. But now you won't feel any more pain from those silly front legs that never wanted to work right. You can run free in heaven and dig all the flowers up and eat all the big sticks you want. You can sleep on the tables and never be told off, you can lick all the plates clean and never be scolded for it. You can chew all the toys in heaven and only be praised for it. You can steal everyone's socks now, and nobody will mind. Your silly nails will never be overgrown and you won't need to worry if someone tries to cut them off. the pain is all gone baby girl. 

I will always love you. And I miss you. I'm cross at you for getting out from under the new fence. But I know that all the fences in the world would never have kept you in. No more pain, my love. No more annoying child to make you wait obediently for your dinners. No more having to do what your told - not that you ever did anyway.

No more Bella-Boo. No more smelly licks on the face. No more naughty nips on the ears. 

I will always love you, forever. Be happy, baby girl. Be happy. 

423360 10150738279557990 519876315 N by Astarsia 548052 10150835516217990 89427823 N by Astarsia
1012812 10152207057592990 295706795 N by Astarsia
1383719 10152048478102990 428815362 N by Astarsia
1176223 10151919093527990 977922492 N by Astarsia 1208690 10151915474407990 474024315 N by Astarsia
1264194 10151933632352990 2007257464 O by Astarsia 1507886 10152231377487990 654406311 N by Astarsia
Untitled by Astarsia
Untitled by Astarsia
Imag0909 Burst013 by Astarsia Img 20130907 154618 by Astarsia
Untitled by Astarsia
Untitled by Astarsia

I found this pretty poem on google - i'm sorry if it belongs to someone, i'd love to give you credit if it does, so please let me know. It just is so pretty. 

all-dogs-go-to-heaven-quotes-and-Poem by Astarsia


Skin by Dan Leveille

The Whistle Blower - Vol 12.

Mon Jul 20, 2015, 3:52 AM

Fairy Village by AlvinHew

Welcome to the Twelveth edition of The Whistle Blower.

The Whistle Blower Purpose: 

My aim is to share beautiful digital art that deserves more exposure. Please visit the beauties below and :+fav: and comment. :heart:

This week's topic is Fae (aka Fairies, Faeries, Pixies, Sprites etc).

Sayo the Water Nymph by Xelandra Illumination by imDRUNKonTEA Nectar by MargoAtir

Pixie by pardoart Naturalis Flora by Sakuems The Fairy Catcher by Wildweasel339
Magical Lady Bug Rainbow Fairy Princess by Darkodev Dark Fairy Nyxie by Stoskri
Mushroom fairy by sparrow-chan Fairy-A by fuchsiart Pixie Experiment by lady-cybercat
Fairy by Musyupick Fire Elemental Sprite by RachelleFryatt
 Pixie Grinn by krayisako Sprite by Mar-ka
Fae Genesis by Avibroso Nixie by MattDixon

Thank you for seeing this article and for being a part of it.
If you have any suggestions for topics I can use or a piece of art you'd like me to feature,
please comment below or send me a note with your suggestions.
Cover Art by AlvinHew
Previous Whistle Blower Article: The Whistle Blower - Vol 11.- Day of the Dead.

Skin by Dan Leveille

Steampunk My Page Contest...

Mon Jul 20, 2015, 1:07 AM

steamPUNK by eigenI

Only 10 days left. Please let me know if you've started working on an entry, otherwise I will assume it's a #failcontest and close it. (and attempt to be awesome and make my own..) *sob* 
If there happens to be more interest, I can make an extention if people ask for it. Please comment below. 

I'm thinking if i cancel the contest, I'll change it so that each section will be its own contest. While the prizes will be smaller, though. Leave your thoughts in a comment below!
-End of edit-

:Gear: Lets get right down to it. My page currently looks like a disaster! So to remedy this problem, I'd like YOU to help me make my page a lot more presentable.
:Gear: I would like my entire page totally redesigned into a Steampunk Theme. This includes a DA ID OR a DA Journal skin (installable), My entire DA Page, and my DA Gallery.

:Gear: Don't know anything about Steampunk? That's okay! Here are some ideas to help you figure it out!
Steampunk Goggles 04 by CraftedSteampunk Pocket Watch by Waterchicken Written In Time by RoseGranger steampunk boots by Dana by brucethelesser Steampunk Outfit by Glasmond 
There are so many different things associated with Steampunk. Google is your friend, but please do not use images you searched for, in this competition, unless you have permission from the owner of the images to do so....

:Gear: Rules! #1

  • Your job is to create the following:
    Arrow left 1 x DeviantArt ID reflecting a larger version of Astarsia's Avatar in Steampunk style (This must be done either Traditional Art style or Digital Art style) OR 1 x Complete Design of Astarsia's Journal Skin in Steampunk style. (one or the other)

    Arrow left 1 x Complete Design of Astarsia's DeviantArt Page in Steampunk style.

    Arrow left 1 x Complete Design of Astarsia's Gallery Page in Steampunk style.

  • All items must keep to a similar colour scheme and theme. (in other words, each has to match the other!)

  • Only use Images from DeviantArt's Stock and Resources gallery - ensuring you follow each Stock Artist's rules.

  • You MAY team up with another person - however... this will mean that you both share the prize.

  • All CSS/Coding must be provided so I do not need to edit any of it (because this confuses me) along with detailed instructions. I will be testing each entry to ensure that it is clear, concise and looks perfect!

  • Any information required for customization details are available on request. (so please ask!)

  • None of my art is to be used without my prior consent!

  • Be Creative and Original!

:Gear: Specifics! #1 

So you're ready to start but you ask yourself "What does Astarsia want?"... Great Question! I've seen a few tricks people have on their website, and many times I've thought "hmm, yes, I think that would work"... So let's break it down.


Be as creative as you can, but I do like minimalism. The journal has to be a fully functional module for my page. It must have a Steampunk theme in there somewhere - and whatever you do for the journal must match each other segment.

DeviantArt ID:

Here is my Avatar: :iconastarsia: 
I do not want an animated ID. Just a Steampunk Themed version of my avatar. Goggles on the head, the star made out of some brass type metal, with studs on it, Leather Jacket, frilly skirt. The options are endless. I'm not going to tell you what exactly I want drawn. That's up to you.
How you do the ID is endless. I said Traditional or Digital. With traditional, this could mean mixed media, painting, oil, a sketch, prismas, anything. With digital, you have quite a spectrum. Vector, pixel, 3D, photomanipulation (i can provide a picture of my face in a high res, if desired), drawing or painting, text art, and so on and so forth...
This does not have to specifically match each part of the contest sections, but it does need to suit it, and not look terribly out of place. 


Please create a theme for my gallery and each folder. 
Here are the folders I created, in order:
  • Manuscripts
  • DigitalArt Drawing Painting
  • Photography
  • Photomanipulations
  • All Traditional Art
  • Literature

Any writing used with the images you create for each folder must have clear, concise text. Images should be themed according to Steampunk and easily match the rest of the additions to the contest.
Also... I like uniformity.

Here are some examples of the basic set up (not the graphics) that I enjoy, but you are not limited to...
  Dark Simplicity - gallery CSS by Sedma Vivacious Gallery CSS by SimplySilent (more to be added later)

Profile Page:

I would like to create links to different areas of my page: journals, favorites, galleries, etc. And I would like to customize any of the widgets that allow you to fully customize it. Donate for example.

Please ensure that any files including images are available for download.

:Gear: Prizes! #1 

First Prize:
1 x 12 month subscription or points equal to this by Astarsia
1 generous stand alone feature of your work by Astarsia
1 feature and Llama by Dageeling007 

Second Prize:
1 x 1 month subscription or points equal to this by Astarsia 
1 large feature by Astarsia
1 feature and Llama by Dageeling007 

Each Entry:
1 feature and llama (if you don't already have one) by Astarsia
1 Llama by Dageeling007 

:Gear: Supported by:


:Gear: Competition closes on 30th July 2015, Midnight, AEST. Aussie La 

:Gear: Please note: Changes to Rules, Prizes and Closing date may be subject to change. (but I would hope for the better, not the worse!)

:Gear: If you are able to provide a prize or a feature/llama, please contact me. Community; what deviantART is all about! :ilovedevart: 

Skin by Dan Leveille


Sun Jul 19, 2015, 7:59 AM

Sunset Roof by GCrosbie

Hey guys.

I'd like to apologise for not being very active. 

It's crunch time for our house inspection this wednesday so I've been extremely busy fulfilling a list of things they demand we do  before they arrive. And they have a thing with clutter - we have stuff... who doesn't? anyway so we're just getting rid of heaps of crap that we never use and reorganising the stuff we're keeping. It's an arduous task.

Anyway so regarding group stuff, I'll try to be back into action by Thursday or Friday (AEST) otherwise, expect me to be back in full force by the following Monday, as we quite possibly will be attending a relative's funeral... It's quite a stressful week. :depressed: 
And I've already gained a lovely little cold sore to only enhance my stress. hooray... Sarcasm 

I'd personally like to give a shout out to those who posted on my wall with compliments about how i'm awesome. I appreciate you. Yesterday I had a "i hate the world" day. it happens. I don't like it.. but that's life... But seeing those messages kind of mellowed me a bit. So I really appreciate you.
:heart: Andorada Mouselemur Malintra-Shadowmoon vicexversa LA-Rad :heart:

Never underestimate the power of a lovely comment or encouragement;

It may just make a difference in someone's day!

always be awesome. :sleepytyper: 

Skin by Dan Leveille


Fri Jul 17, 2015, 7:32 AM

The great betrayal Warhammer by faroldjo

I'm sitting here at my pc, ready to pass out after a very long day (being the family taxi, while trying to do something for myself for a change) and it occurred to me that I'm actually being used by someone who I thought was a nice person - a friend. Someone I could encourage and support, and lift up and guide.

I get it.

Having "status" in life can be important to some people, but it's not to me. Not in that sense, anyway. A very small group of people know to what I'm referring to...

In the last few weeks, I have been suffering from interrupted sleep. I won't go into it, but lets just say I've considered using a pillow to smother..... I'm obviously kidding... But this has lead an already iron-deficient woman such as myself to become tired on a regular basis. Daily, in fact. 

On top of this, I'm going through a lot of rigorous tests for other health issues, which I'm not going to openly discuss. 

I feel a lot of pressure practically everywhere to get a job instead of being my son's full time carer. But every job I've applied for is a dead end. I could make a Faux CV, but if I did that and the government found out, I'd probably lose my support for my Autistic son. 

Pathetic right?

Also... on the 16th of August, I will have been married for a year. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because aside from the fact that I am a Senior here on DeviantArt, I'm also a person, with real life dramas and challenges and struggles and celebrations etc.

I can't lie when I say that I'm actually really disappointed to learn that someone I felt could be a great friend is actually just interested in what the friendship can bring them. This hurts me. 

Surprise surprise... I also have feelings. 

I just want to bring forward the fact that all CV's, Staff and Seniors (even group admins/chat moderators etc) are real people with real life stuff going on and that you really shouldn't take any of them for granted, because if you finally make the social climb you're after, and are done... they may be done with your friendship if that's all you wanted from them.

Just something to think about... Sorry it's a little deep. I've got a lot going on right now...

:star: On a side note, I would like to apologise for being so unavailable this last week in all my commitments. Things sort of exploded in my life and I've got heaps happening. Please keep my Hubby's family in your prayers or thoughts. This week is going to be a hard one. 

Always be awesome - but by awesome I mean genuine, caring, friendly... and not with an ulterior motive. :heart: 


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Digital Drawings and Paintings

Mon Jul 13, 2015, 5:00 PM by Astarsia:iconastarsia:

Digital Art

Have you ever found yourself wandering the halls of digital Drawings & Paintings, wondering how these people knew to post their amazing work there in the first place? We'll you're in luck, because today I get to talk to you about what is so special and unique about the life of these two wonders: Digital Drawings and Digital Paintings. And I was even lucky enough to get some community opinions. We all see things differently and art is no exception.

Professor fella ( Works )  What is Digital Drawing?

In simple terms, drawing is a sketch, picture, illustration, representation, portrayal, delineation, depiction, composition, study, diagram, outline, design, plan, artist's impression or tracing. At least that is what google tells me. Digital drawing, however, has become so much more. With the right tools, you are able to sketch, re-sketch, illustrate, compile, and completely renovate the way drawing has evolved with the digital generation. Want to sketch using charcoal? No worries! No risk of your stick ever running out or even breaking in half, not to mention the dirty black hands you're left with afterwards! And so you need a model to stay still for hours for you to get that pose perfected with your digital charcoal stick... Perfect! Use a stock image for your reference, instead of a life model! You'll not only save money on charcoal but on paying a model and the heating bill (unless it's winter and you feel chilly).

Digital Drawing has never been easier. And these days, the tools you can use to create a beautiful sketch or drawing, even a floor plan have become revolutionary. You can use a mouse or tablet and stylus to create grand works of art or simple abstract drawings. Sounds challenging? Think again! The only thing holding you back is the limitations you give yourself!

Here are some beautiful examples of Digital Drawings by some talented artists here on DeviantArt.

drawing by Number-toi Drawing by nippori PW drawing contest by JinkiMania
Kirin girl by yangqi AT THE READY by Endling King of Enthropy by rafa-insane

Community; what deviantART is all about! Public Opinion...

What is digital drawing?
Astralseed says: "... any type of drawing that was made using digital media."
nyankola says: "... computer based art. Drawn by either a drawing tablet or a mouse, on graphic editors and painting software."
queenofeagles says: "Art that was made on a computer/tablet, with some sort of painting software. It has to be drawn though ... so this rules out photomanipulations..."
Simlol says: "using a computer to generate line based pictures."
xKurrMeowx says: "A drawing which has been made with a computer software using mouse, touch pad or graphics tablet with pen."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "A drawing created using the digital medium."
JHibbs says: "Raster line art with a Wacom tablet or vectors using pen tool."

How do you feel digital drawing helps you?
Astralseed says: "... cuts down the costs of supplies drastically... work with layers that I can move or change at will also is a huge help"
nyankola says: "... brings my imagination to life, with a lot of ease and flexibility."
queenofeagles says: "... more freedom. Mistakes can often be unmade relatively easy so I date to go crazy. Drawing software comes with a huge range of colours, brushes, effects, etc. to work and experiment with, which makes it easier to put my ideas on 'paper'"
Simlol says: "... quickly sketch and rework that sketch, which will be the foundation for more refined work."
xKurrMeowx says: "... drawing digitally has given me more confidence to use high contrast colours, go into detail and the ability to zoom in and out. They are easier to share and post, and i feel my digital drawings gain more views."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "I feel more confident. It opens up more opportunities for details, rendering, exploring and easy access when uploading to various sites."
JHibbs says: "Makes sketching quick and allows me to easily keep my ideas organised."

In what way does digital drawing differ from traditional drawing?
Astralseed says: "I think at the core they are the same, but the feel of drawing is a new experience if you're going digital and are used to traditional. That you are now looking at your monitor instead of your hand as you draw is definitely strange until you get used to it. Most digital techniques can be mimicked by traditional techniques as well."
nyankola says: "You have a much larger field and easier access to things such as colours and brush sizes. When i did traditional drawing, I always found myself wanting more supplies. But you have everything you need from the start with digital. Digital is also more forgiving. You can't easily fix mistakes in traditional, where as you can erase and do-over something without having to start over."
queenofeagles says: "It is less limiting. You can zoom in to make details, you can work with multiple layers, you can pick any colour you want, you can create the same drawing traditionally but it will probably be more difficult and more time consuming. Traditional drawings result in a single final product - digital can be reproduced without losing quality."
Simlol says: "Digital makes it very comfortable to try different things on one idea early and quickly. Zoom and scale allow me to mix lineweight and detail which may not be possible on paper without planning ahead. I easily get lost in the processes without worrying about proper design rules."
xKurrMeowx says: "Having the chance to change things during the drawing process which you can't do while drawing traditionally. And you can completely change the colors at the end if you want."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "You are able to alter and create a unique drawing process and have more opportunities to correct and edit your drawing."
JHibbs says: "More focus on the results, because the process is faster and easier."

Da Vinci Fella (Artists)  What is Digital Painting? 

I decided to revisit Google to see what the technical meanings were. Painting is to cover the surface of something with paint, to decorate, stain, whitewash, gloss, spray, coat, cover, smear, apply with a brush, to obliterate... to describe. The great thing about Digital Painting is that it can do so much more. You can shape, invent, distort, enhance, and completely renovate a digital canvas into your personal muse, just like with Digital Drawing. 

The style of painting follows slightly different rules... 

While with drawing, you can smudge and create technical works, Painting is far more expressive and less organised than drawing in that it follows the rules of traditional painting mediums. The biggest pro with digital painting is the lack of mess and clean up. And with the diverse utilities with most artistic programs these days, such as with Photoshop, Gimp and Painter, you are able to easily mimic the style and production that a brush with watercolor, for instance, can create compared with its traditional counterpart. 

And in the grand scheme of things, you can't justly tell a person how to digitally paint. Everyone has their own style and technique. And because the term "Paint" is so broad, there is no one way to fairly judge if someone did poorly or not. As always, art is subjective and the viewer will see what they wish to see.

Here are some beautiful examples of Digital Paintings by some talented artists here on DeviantArt.

- High Key Speedpaint - by Anathematixs mini dino by Apofiss Swarm by thienbao
Portrait concept - Speedpaint by ClintCearley Unresolved Quintet by dsx2plus Lizard by agios

Community; what deviantART is all about! Public Opinion...

What do you feel is the difference between digital painting and traditional painting? 
Astralseed says: "When we look at digital paintings, they really fall right in line with digital drawings in the way we create them. It would be a much harder argument to try to say that traditional paintings and traditional drawings are essentially the same. The techniques are quite different as is the media more often than not."
nyankola says: "Digital painting is more forgiving. Traditional painting is like painting in only one layer, so if you make a mistake, you have to paint over it, rather than having the ability to erase it. Traditional paintings are seen as more valuable because they are originals, while digital paintings can be copied millions of times. None is the original."
queenofeagles says: "Painting digitally has fewer limitations, and can be copied easily."
Simlol says: "Digital is much faster, it doesn't have to dry or be mixed like oils. I'm not an expert as I do not use traditional media. I feel like the impression that digital work can make is limited, though. It's usually experienced on a screen, where as traditional can be viewed in its raw self."
xKurrMeowx says: "Digitally, your painting never dries. You can apply as many layers as you want, and the canvas never gets damaged. Painting traditionally feels more naturally to me, though. I like to hold a real brush in my hand."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "You can edit your work whenever you want wherever you are. Traditional painting comes with time restraints like drying time. Digital work is much less messier and opens up more opportunities to experiment."
JHibbs says: "As a professional illustrator, painting digitally allows me to get the results my clients want quickly and efficiently."

When you observe the DeviantArt Gallery for Digital Drawings and Paintings, can you easily distinguish between the drawings and the paintings? If so, how?
Astralseed says: "No, I feel that digital drawings and paintings can essentially be the same thing. It's difficult to draw a line between the two. It's a personal opinion on which it might be. Who am I to judge which is which?"
nyankola says: "Yes, I think the drawings usually have a sketched look, or an outline, and are often cell shaded. While in paintings, the colours are usually blended much more smoothly."
queenofeagles says: " No. To be honest, i have no idea what the difference is. The difference between traditional drawing and painting to me is paintings use paints and drawing usings pencils or pens. Digital art uses neither."
Simlol says: "I feel digital techniques are that far evolved that you can never be really sure how one artist has created their work. So no. I think digital artists mix both techniques."
xKurrMeowx says: "I distinguish them by looking at the lines. If i see crisp lines around the characters, i see it as a drawing. If it has softer edges and blended colours with suggested brush strokes, I see it as a painting."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "You can see brush stroke or swathes of colour and the combination of various edges in digital painting. Drawings usually have defnite lines, edges and shading techniques will be obvious."
JHibbs says: " I guess drawings have lines, paintings may not. These are really both terms that apply to traditional media and lines are sort of blurred with digital work."

What drew you towards enjoying the creation or observation of Digital Drawings and Paintings?
Astralseed says: "I've always loved trying new things in art and digital seemed to be the cool thing to do, so I tried it and became hooked!"
nyankola says: "Imaginary things brought to life like the ability for an artist to make up a face or design a room or create a landscape that doesn't exist. Everyone has pictures in their mind that no-one else can see. But artists are able to paint a real life picture of it and that's fascinating."
queenofeagles says: "I think the shear amount of high quality digital artwork here on DeviantArt. I like artwork with enchanting lighting... I found much more of it in the digital art gallery."
Simlol says: "My love for videogames. After i found out concept art existed, there was only one way to go!"
xKurrMeowx says: "The use of colour, value, anatomy. I wanted to be able to tell stories, show my world through digital art. I've found inspiration from people on DeviantArt who design mystical creatures and scenery."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "Digital paintings/drawing is so much more free and has a degree of ease that allows you to experiment and create amazing works of art that is much harder to achieve for me on paper or canvas."
JHibbs says: "I love all art. My background is actually in film photography, but I've found more work as a digital illustrator."

banned fella (Reactions) When to know you're no longer doing Digital Drawings or Paintings...

Because the digital art world is more creative and expressive, this means there are so many different ways you can express yourself. But don't fall into a mixed media trap. Did you know that if you take a stock image, or a 3D creation or even a traditional piece, and put them together with your digital drawing or painting, that you would then be creating Digital Mixed Media? 

Digital Drawings and Paintings are exactly what their words mean. 100% drawn or painted by your own hand. Yes, you can use stock images for reference only, but the moment you are drawing over the top of a stock image or implementing a stock image and adjusting it to look painterly, that is when the style of your work changes. While there is nothing wrong with this technique, be aware that if you make chances to a pre-made image in this way, you are no longer digitally drawing or painting.

Remember: Stock images and other pieces of art that either you've created or have permission to use are best kept only as a reference - this means that they are never incorporated into your work, but observed separately. The digital canvas should be only touched by the colours you pick from the palette. 

Community; what deviantART is all about! Public Opinion...

What do you think it means when a digital drawing/painting includes other media?
Astralseed says: "Then it's a mixed media piece."
nyankola says: "It's pretty nifty if you switch from traditional to digital, in my opinion. I don't really have an opinion about photomanipulation, or the like, though."
queenofeagles says: "I'm not sure if strongly painted over photo's should be considered mixed media or photomanipulation but that depends on the artwork, and the amount of altering the artists has done."
Simlol says: "I think using a computer just to paint is a bit weak, because these machines can do so much more and are not being used to their full potential with just painting/drawing."
xKurrMeowx says: "The digital drawing/painting base is for example a traditional pencil sketch skanned to the computer."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "I simply means other media, traditional or photography, has been integrated into the digital painting/drawing. For example, a Matte Painting."
JHibbs says: "I don't think it means anything. There are lots of ways to get the result you want. Pick what is best for you."

Do you see a difference between drawing/painting over the top of a stock image or using it as a reference?
Astralseed says: "There is so much rage in the community over artists that do this and that is sad. As long as the stock provider allows this kind of use, I personally encourage people to at least try it. By traicing or painting over photos you are forced to look at the photo in more detail. That being said, of course there is a difference. Both ways utilize the stock image as a tool. But when tracing/painting over, you're using the stock image as mixed media/photomanipulation, rather than an image to reference your work on."
nyankola says: "In my opinion, tracing is a fake skill you don't really possess. I don't think it helps in any way or is good as a beginner to practice because you become dependent on it. It limits your creative freedom. But using as a reference trains your eyes to look deep into things to find what most people would miss. It's a trial and error process until your eyes are able to pick up on the little things."
queenofeagles says: "Yes, drawing or painting over the top is just tracing and doesn't require skills at all. Using as a reference means that you only use a picture to help you or get inspiration from, but all the work is from the artist only."
Simlol says: "Maybe for a beginner it can help you learn to look more closely, but just painting over a photo doesn't help you improve your drawing or painting skills very much."
xKurrMeowx says: "I don't consider drawing or painting over the top of a stock image to be art. You should use your own imagination, logic and ideas. Using stock as a reference is a completely different thing, which I support. To become good at drawing things from your imagination, you have to have the skills from what you see in references."
Sneeu-Vlokkie says: "Tracing requires very little skill. References are essential to creating realistic work and also used for practise."
JHibbs says: "Yes, there is a difference. If you're painting over a stock image, you may be violating copyright. Be sure to check with the original artist."

Fav fella (Badge) Fella Heart Kiss (Love) Applaud fella (Reactions) 
Thank you to those who participated in my Digital Drawings & Paintings Survey. Your opinions are a valuable insight.

I hope this helps you gain a certain depth of understanding, regarding Digital Drawings & Paintings and can help you make the right choices, when faced with where to place your beautiful artwork. Don't forget to credit any stock artists for references you used. Happy creating.

The Artist vs The Internet.

Mon Jul 13, 2015, 2:07 AM

The Ancient One by JoseOchoaArt
Excuse me while I rant. It's not something I do very often, but ranting about this on fb has proved only to serve as a pathway for people to appreciate art via someone it doesn't belong to...

I came quite randomly across a group on my facebook travels today, and saw that they were using a photo i'd seen here on DeviantArt. Since I'm such a curious little chickie, what could i do but go to the page and admire it.

However, after a minute or two of viewing said photo and numerous other beauties, I soon realised that this page was not run the owner of the many photographs I had begun to admire, but someone who stumbled across each picture, most likely coincidentally. 

Here is the picture in question:
Seasonscape by alexiuss
And here is where I found it:

So I took it upon myself to contact the page and notify them of their misdeed, suggesting they go to the owner of the picture and ask permission to use it. Here is our conversation....

Astarsia: This is by a photographer on Deviant Art. You should ask permission to use it. - Monday 13th July 2015 12:59

Life in Pictures: Astarsia This was actually just a wallpaper that I found. I always credit the photographer where possible, or at least name the site where I found it. You can check out all the other photos that have been posted here for proof of that. If you can get me the name of the photographer that created this, then I would like to be able to credit them. Thanks. Monday 13th July 2015 13:10

Astarsia: Crediting is all good intentions, but you really should ask permission. I'll find the link for you.
As a photographer and artist, myself, unless i give people permission to use work I've done, I'd expect to be asked first.
That background site most likely didn't ask permission. You shouldn't trust those things . Monday 13th July 2015 13:12

Astarsia: (link was provided to original art work on DeviantArt in this comment.) Monday 13th July 13:21

Astarsia: I've sent them a message about this. Monday 13th July 13:29

Life In Pictures: Thanks for finding the source/owner of this one Astarsia. Much appreciated. Monday 13th July 13:37
---- Astarsia: "owner" not source. Monday 13th July 16:22

Astarsia: I hope you take my advice and ask them to use this image. And with every picture you've posted. Monday 13th July 13:38
---- Life in Pictures Astarsia As stated in the "About" section on this page, "I am not the owner of the images shown here, but where possible, I will always credit the artist/photographer responsible. If you do not want your property to be used, then please let me know, and I will happily remove it for you."
In other words, if the owner of an image doesn't want their work displayed on this page, then THEY can contact me and I will happily take it down. Monday 13th July 14:09
---- Astarsia: How do you figure that you have ANY right to post ANYTHING that doesn't belong to you? They shouldn't have to ask permission for YOU to remove THEIR work! That's ridiculous! Monday 13th July 14:11
Their response was absolutely disgusting. I understand that people who don't create things (other than pages where they can post other peoples legitimate work) don't really get why artists are so possessive of their own work.

I share my work to get help learning and to improve and because, well heck.. sometimes a piece I've done is way better than what I'd done before.

I don't, however, share my work so people can download it and upload it. 

What gets me even more annoyed is that "6,553 people like this" page. So they are essentially not giving any individual recognition (like how we have the favourites system here for peoples individual work, even if it's in a group's gallery) but to the idiot who is taking art without seeing if the OWNER/ARTIST is accepting of this action. 

It really makes me want to take all my own art and hide it under a rock on my hard drive.

Feel free to go to the page i linked above to see if your photography is shown here without permission. You never know!
But please do not "Like" the page, and legitimize what he is doing.


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The Whistle Blower - Vol 11.

Sat Jul 11, 2015, 3:27 PM

Day of the Dead Postcard by feliciacano

Welcome to the Eleventh edition of The Whistle Blower.

The Whistle Blower Purpose: 

My aim is to share beautiful digital art that deserves more exposure.

This week's topic is Day of the Dead.
Day of the Dead make-up makes me smile. I just love it. Anyway I know it's not day of the dead right now... But just enjoy...

Day Of The Dead - design for Spiral direct by Anna-Marine Day of the Dead Girl by BlackHawk45LC Day Of The Dead by ReneCampbellArt
Sugar Skull by Flying-Fox Dia de los Muertos by CamiFortuna Dia De Los Muertos by Cellesria
Dia de los Muertos by N-o-X-i-S18 La Muerte by PaolaPieretti Dia De Los Muertos by giorgiobaroni
 Sugar Skull Girl - Lola by hooksnfangs Catrina by giorgiobaroni

Thank you for seeing this article and for being a part of it.
If you have any suggestions for topics I can use or a piece of art you'd like me to feature,
please comment below or send me a note with your suggestions.
Cover Art by feliciacano
Previous Whistle Blower Article:The Whistle Blower - Vol. 10. - Rainbow.

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Digitizing Your World - #2

Fri Jul 10, 2015, 11:55 PM
Because of how many amazing pieces of art we see come through our doors, we want to feature some of our talented artists. Here are some beautiful pieces from a few galleries from the digitizing group for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy them, and we look forward to the next installment!

3 Dimensional Art Gallery:

Last kiss by deignis 

Anthro Art Gallery:

Generations of the Lost by ALRadeck

Cartoons and Comics Art Gallery:

 Valkyries and Reapers go out out. by FionaCreates

Design and Customization Art Gallery:

At the End of the Universe by TehAngelsCry

Drawings and Paintings Art Gallery:

SENTINEL OF THE ETERNAL WATCH by Deharme Earth Giant by fooyee Earth Guardian by juliedillon

Fan Art Gallery:

Edo Period Jedi by artofjosevega Penguin by CarlosAmaralArt

Fractal Art Gallery:

Fading Soul by ChaosFissure

Game Development Art Gallery:

Kabam- Spirit Lords Banner by atomhawk

Mixed Media Art Gallery:

Took you long enough.. by Callergi

Photomanipulation Art Gallery:

Raven by PM-ForeverArts

Resources and Tutorials Gallery:

Mini Painting Tutorial by juliedillon
Please click to full view this amazing tutorial.

Thank you all for contributing your art to digitizing
Stay Tuned for the next installment of Digitizing Your World.

Digital Art Community Feature #25

Fri Jul 10, 2015, 11:03 PM
Digital Art Community Features only features artwork from Digitalists favorite feature folder. If you want your art featured, please just submit your artwork in this folder.

The Island by AndrewMcIntoshArt The Wings Of Heaven by xzendor7
Portrait Painting by wawa3761 Odonata by Rui-Abel
The Crew by randis Snowy Yet Warm Sunset by Colormate
Always Be Yourself by DenzelAJackson Haunted by KillianHawk
Witch by Real-SonkeS Captured King by AndrewMcIntoshArt
Vagrantdi Elf by Vagrantdick She doesnt love you by SunTurnsIntoWater

Project Portfolio: Astarsia

Tue Jul 7, 2015, 9:05 PM

Daenerys and Drogon by Astarsia
:tip-hat: Hello my awesome watchers and random visitors of some kind. :lawave: 

I'd like to share this lovely project with you, called Project Portfolio, which is being run by Andorada! So please head on over to the Project Portfolio Journal and get involved by making your own journal! :numberone: revamp 

The purpose is to encourage artists to shamelessly advertise their own work. And why not! Free Shrugs! + PLZ
So let's get started, shall we? (Best viewed in full screen!)

Shameless Promotion of my own work:

Digital Drawings and Paintings:

Attuned Cover art. by Astarsia Mount Fire - Speed paint. by Astarsia Tidus: A french maid by Astarsia Lemon Slice... by Astarsia


Enough is enough by Astarsia Forget by Astarsia Childhood Memories by Astarsia


Casey and the Sun by Astarsia Sarah - The Bride. by Astarsia Sydney Harbour Bridge - Mardi Gras by Astarsia Smile for me by Astarsia The Plant Next Door by Astarsia

Traditional Art:

Matt's Placemat by Astarsia Attuned Concept 4 by Astarsiahorse study 3 by Astarsia


Undesired.Unappreciated tingling skin from odious contact.  Chapter P.O.V. Study: Edward CullenBreaking Dawn
An Edward P.O.V. rewrite by Joanne Bell.
(chapter is the same chapter from the book)
19. Burning
I stood watching over my wife. Something must have gone wrong because unlike Esme or Rosalie, she didn't move an inch or make a sound. I found it hard to take myself away from her, even for a moment, but I had to regularly check on Jacob and Rosalie. Their relationship wasn't a friendly one, but they had one unique thing in common. Renesmee. My daughter was the glue in this new found camaraderie. Rosalie was an Aunt and Jacob was...
I couldn't bring myself to swallow the words. I watched how the imprinting had such an impact on Jacob, and understood it. I didn't like it, but their connection had protected our family from the wolves and I was grateful, to some degree.
When I wasn't separating them from who the game of "who gets to hold the baby" or "it's my turn", I was at my wife's side, watching, waiting and worrying. What did I do wrong?
Kathump. Kathump. Kathump.<
  Attuned - Chapter 4 rewriteChapter Four
Educational Hour
    The air was stale. I was finding it hard to breathe. I looked around and it was dark. A dripping noise broke out in the room, and an echo trailed after each drop. In the middle of the dark room was a table – kind of like the ones you see at the hospital that hold surgical instruments. It felt like I was lying on a hard cold floor. But it wasn't the floor; it was a stone alter of some variation. I couldn't move and it felt like my arms and legs were fastened down with thick leather belts. Moving my legs around, I tried to get out of my restraints. I gave up quickly, still struggling to breathe.
    Suddenly I could hear some footsteps, but I couldn't see anybody.
    “Hello?” I called out. Nobody answered. “Jonah? Michael?” I looked a
  Culture of deviantARTIn the world of artistic ability, people and communities come in many shapes and sizes, interests and fantasies. I am a resident of the largest online community, . It supports so many different kinds of artists, from Photographers, to traditional painters and illustrators, to web designers and digital artists and writers of all shapes and sizes. It was here, at "dA" [a local terminology for deviantART], where I discovered my love for art, and learnt many things which got me to where I am today, in terms of ability.
*What is deviantART?
"deviantART is an online art community for artists and art lovers to interact in a variety of ways, ranging from the submission of art to conversations on a number of topics. In its purest form, deviantART is a means for expressing yourself in a variety of ways." Quoted directly from deviantART's Help and FAQ files.
In my own view, it is a community where art is the center of our online worlds. hundreds to thousands of people all across th

Artists I admire:

Farm final by AlexandrescuPaul Passing 2 by AlexandrescuPaul

Clairvoyance by JenniferHealy Golden Lie by JenniferHealy Madeline Mad by JenniferHealy Beauty is by JenniferHealy

Earth Guardian by juliedillon Sun Temple by juliedillon Fortune's Favored by juliedillon Gemini - Llewellyn Worldwide by juliedillon

Sun Salutation by PeppeTi Smokeangel by PeppeTi Dark Angel by PeppeTi Dog Violinist - Commission for JayAlexander by PeppeTi

I encourage you:

Anomalous Entrance by Lexandritte Wasteland by Lexandritte

Wei Shen - Completed! (Updated) by MirrorWalledCubicle The Rose Princess - The white of purity by MirrorWalledCubicle The Rose Princess - The pnk of love by MirrorWalledCubicle Lamborghini of the wasteland lol by MirrorWalledCubicle

I'd really love to see your Project Portfolio article if you make one. 
And to those who I listed under "I encourage you" I'd just like to clarify that I thnk your work is amazing and I don't particularly know where you are at in your learning, but you're doing pretty damn good in my opinion. :heart:

Once again, please check out the Project Portfolio article and see what this is all about!

Oh and I did an actual portfolio too: Astarsia's Portfolio

Always be Awesome. :blowkiss:

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Digital Art Prompt Challenge - Vol 1.

Tue Jul 7, 2015, 12:23 AM

Hi everyone! Welcome to digitizing's Digital Art Prompt Challenge.

Bullet; Blue Each week we will be posting prompts for you to use to create Digital Art.
Bullet; Blue The Digital Art you create should be completed by each Monday following the Prompt of that week, by posting the thumb in a comment at the bottom of this Article. 
Bullet; Blue When the next article comes out, Tuesdays, we will pick the 5 best pieces and feature them in each article.
Bullet; Blue You do not have a restriction on your work, but please ensure that all work is posted in the appropriate Digital Art Galleries.
Bullet; Blue We only accept Digital Art Submissions. And all Digital Art is acceptable.
Bullet; Blue Don't worry if you don't finish the work by Monday. Post it in a comment anyway! You can always finish it later.
Bullet; Blue However, please do not post your work to the Group galleries unless it is a completed polished piece.

Prompt topics include:

Bullet; Blue Character prompts: The main subject of your Digital Art Creation is based around a Character, usually humanoid in nature.
Bullet; Blue Environment prompts: The main subject  of your Digital Art Creation is based on an Environment which may be indoors or outdoors.
Bullet; Blue Item prompts: The main subject of your Digital Art Creation is based on an item that may be as small as a pea or as large as a bus.
Bullet; Blue Creature prompts: The main subject of your Digital Art Creation is based around a thing that is not necessarily humanoid in nature.
Bullet; Blue Alternative Meaning prompts: The main goal of your Digital Art Creation is to design an image that is unconventional and unusual but still follows the meaning of the phrase. You have to think outside the box!

This Weeks Prompt is.....

Character Prompt: Death by Chocolate.

You can be involved with prompt suggestions....

All you have to do is leave a comment below with the Prompt topic category and a sentence. 
Avoid explaining what your prompt means as we want people to interpret the prompt in their own way.

We look forward to your thumb submissions in a comment below by next Monday.