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By Astarsia
One of australias favourite alcoholic spirits. Jim Beam. use it in your journals if you want. but please do not try to use it for yourself.

time: 15 mins

program: ms paint

thanks to `mirrorkills for taking the white crap off it :hug:

edit: 1st/sep/2006
cleaned it up a bit and recolored it. its cleaner now, coz i did it in photoshop. :)
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DragonessD's avatar
Awesome! I'm more a Jack Daniels person, but this rocks!
Astarsia's avatar
lol thanks :) maybe i'll do a jack bottle too :)
fyapocalypse's avatar
Yay for drunk Aussies!!! lol
Astarsia's avatar
haha im not usually in that group :P
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
I dont drink. But I do think this is very cute. :D

Sarah :heart:
Astarsia's avatar
lol i dont really drink either, but i have always liked the way the design is on the beam bottles and cans ^^; weird i know.. lol

thanks for the compliment, sweetie
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
You're always welcome. I love commenting on your art :giggle: :aww:
Astarsia's avatar
:aww: what a sweetie pie you are.
kharas's avatar
Fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntastic! Will definitiely come in handy. !! :heart:
galadriel471's avatar
noo jim beam! i was so sick off that wen i drank it in new york lol
Astarsia's avatar
:) its nice in moderation lol
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