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We've recently had a new member of our family.  Her name is Dora and she is a Cocker Spaniel puppy born 13/02/13 so she is still quite young and very, very active.  People with little experience of Spaniels are surprised at just how active she is.  This makes training extremely hard because she has the attention span of a goldfish, well, slightly less than a goldfish actually.  In those rare moments of tranquillity when she is not tearing around the place or getting up to mischief, she seems to learn really quickly but seems to forget quickly as soon as something distracts her which can be something as simple as her own shadow.  I have already uploaded several photos of her and there are likely to be lots more.

I very much doubt there are many people that will stumble across this and read this but for those that do, I wanted to explain that I shoot RAW.  Some may not know what this means and the simplest way to explain is that some cameras can output different types of file formats, most stick to the Jpeg format but some do give you the option of having the RAW file.  The Jpeg file is what you get after the camera has added all the little tweaks that it thinks you want such as colour saturation and white balance, the RAW file is all the data that hit the sensor.  For most people, their camera's Jpeg is fine, they get a perfectly good usable image with very little tweaking necessary.  With the RAW file however, I have to look at the image and decide how I want the white-balance, exposure etc.  This gives me much more creative freedom over the end result.  I'm not dictated to by the camera.  RAW files are extremely large so I have to be absolutely ruthless when it comes to getting rid of shots that did not come out how I wanted them and this makes me think more about the shot I'm about to take e.g. shutter speed, depth of field, iso.  My only regret with shooting RAW is that I did not do so sooner.
I've finally got myself a Nikon D5100, I've just got to pay for it now:(  I'm hoping to get out more and take more shots in my spare time.  I do my photography as a self-funding hobby so that any income I get from my photoshoots etc go towards buying better equipment.  As you can probably tell, I have a wife and daughter to support and thus my earnings from my full-time job go to support them.

Thus, I would ask that if you like my photos, please purchase a single 4x6 to send to a friend as a post-card.  They cost about $0.50 and I get about $0.10 towards my equipment.  This doesn't seem like much but if 2000 people each purchase a single print, I can get a new lens:)

I'm hoping to get some better shots of Whitstable in the near future but every time I go there, it rains.  As always, I welcome constructive criticism or even just general chit-chat.
My camera, whilst advertised as 12mp, when shooting raw, produces a 20mp photo.  Due to limitations in the lens, I am forced to crop photos that I have not been able to get close enough to.  This is where the 20mp makes the difference.  I noticed that some of the shots that I uploaded to start with are too small for people to produce larger prints from (in case anyone should wish to).  When I have taken a shot that is exposed just how I wanted it, I would just work from the 12mp Jpg file instead of the 20mp RAW file which, in hindsight, was a bit of a mistake.  So now, I have switched off JPG in my camera settings and will always work from the RAW files themselves.  Takes me a bit longer to process, but the results should be better.  Thus, if you see duplicates on my gallery, one will more than likely be a higher resolution.

Our friend Heather kindly identified some of the flowers that I shot in her garden but some still don't have names yet.  If anyone can identify any plants in my photos, I would be grateful because it's nicer to have a name to the flower rather than "Flower in Heather's Garden."

Spent some time shooting the squirrels at Margate Cemetery (with the camera, of course) so when I have finished processing them, I will be uploading them.  Will probably create a new folder dedicated to squirrels (they're so cute.)
I'm an amateur/hobbyist photographer living in Kent, UK.  I have a wonderful wife and daughter and thus I can't justify spending lots of money on my photography equipment.  I've managed to accumulate a modest amount from kind donations from friends that I have done portraits for.  It would be great if people would purchase prints of my work but at present, I'm just grateful for any constructive criticism.  I currently us a Fujifilm Finepix S200EXR Bridge Camera.  I can't justify purchasing a full digital SLR unless I can make some serious money from my photography.  So, until then, I'm going to be stuck in the budget arena.  I will be looking to upload my recent work over the next few days and possibly redo some of my previous work so that I can upload higher resolution images from the RAW files.