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Lady Edith



How obvious is it that I'm completely, hopelessly, and utterly in love with Downton Abbey?

My next Crawley sister, Edith. I was happy to see that she gets a little more happiness in Season 2, because I felt that she was so neglected in the first season.

I wanted her image to reflect the more somber mood we often see her in, as opposed to Sybil's bright and optimistic one.

Critiques, thoughts, comments, etc. are always welcome!
Hair is hard. I prefer hats.

Downton Abbey (c) Carnival Films
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Hi, I came across this when searching to feed my own obsession with Downton Abbey and thought I'd offer you some feedback as you asked for it. Please bear in mind that I am not a digital artist (I'm not even a visual artist at all really), and so I cannot give you much real technical advice on how to improve, but I can say what I see, so I'll do my best!

The overall impression I get of this piece is that it appears almost as an unfinished piece. You have all of the main components in place, and very well done, but there seems to be another level of detail missing from the piece which detracts slightly from the image as a whole. After looking at some of the other pieces in your gallery, I think this is something common to your work as a whole. You have a lovely soft tone, and I love that aspect of your work. I think that in areas you could do with some more detail however, more variation in lights and darks on a finer, more delicate scale.

For example, the detailing on her clothing could be more bold; darker shadows and brighter highlights would help here. I like the detailing on her necklace, but you could consider adding highlghts where the light would hit the beads. The same goes for her hair clip/slide - this could do with some finer detail, and picking out more strongly the areas hit by the candlelight would help this. I also think the hair could do with a little more work, some finer individual strands, and perhaps pick out her fingernails.

I really like the way you've painted the candle in the foreground. That it's hazy and near-white shows the flickering of the flame really nicely. I also like the drawing of the glass, the shape and the colours filtering through the glass.

You've captured her expression very well, particularly the shape of her nose and the set of her mouth. I think the orange area around the eyes could use some work because it looks a little strange, but other than that you've done well with her face, especially in the way you've captured the light shining on it.

Anyway, I really love this piece and I hope I could help in some way. (: