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Downton Abbey: Sybil

The final in my 'Downton Abbey' series! The youngest sister, Lady Sybil Grantham.

I must confess, she is my favorite sister. She's politically active and progressive, engaged in the women's suffrage movement; not only that, she defies tradition (as evidenced by her Turkish-inspired harem pantaloons here!) and is quite kind to everyone she meets. Thus far, she hasn't been tainted by the rivalry between her two other sisters, and I sincerely hope it stays that way.

Downton Abbey (c) Carnival Films
Artwork (c) Myself
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© 2011 - 2021 astarayel
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Very pretty work here! :nod::nod:

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My mum cried when she died. She said it was so close to real life and they didn't sugarcoat it like films do. She said it was said cuz the sibils mum really cried and my mums just empathetic...

OMG this drawing is perfect and flawless!!!
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Thank you so much! Your mum sounds absolutely sweet--it was SO real. And so shocking. I can't even imagine.

Thank you :hug:
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Your welcome. I love your style

And it was so realistic... Traumatic tbh
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It really was. I think it honestly hit me harder than Matthew's death (which was still awful, but seemed more...I dunno. Rushed? Like they just did it because he had to leave and it didn't feel as real).
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That was so rushed. There was hardly any mourning over him. It just skipped to six months later (or something) And he had such a big role. And I love Mathew and Mary... They were such a sweet couple ... But he's dead :'(
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I know! Do you have a favorite of her new suitors?
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Idk... Ummmm... Maybe Mathew...ahh! Idk... Lol... Wbu?
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Hahahahaha. I'm not sure, I like her on her own, honestly. ;)
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Please, can you check out my draws?

I love Sybil. Have you seen season three yet? If not, I won't spoil it.
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Yes, and it totally destroyed my soul. SYBIL :cries:
I know. Why? WHY?! 
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Thanks! She's definitely my favorite :)
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I used your picture in this article [link] :boogie:
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I looked at all the sisters, i believe the other two do a good job supporting this one. Lets give them all some love!
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It's funny you say that, because the other two are the "main" sisters focused on in the show (sadly, because Sybil is mah fav). Hopefully she gets more spotlight next season, because she really does stand out from the other two.
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I got some unsolicited advice on those characters, hope you don't mind me sharing them to you in detail.
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Definitely not, please share!
I agree she is the best of the three cuz she as much of a well snob to everyone. i hope she stays nice. i also hope she ends up with Branson
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I hope so too! Her sisters seem to be like poison--maybe Branson can save her from that terrible fate ;)
I hope so i love Branson. I never liked Edith though I feel sorry for her and as for mary I didn't mind her at first now she has shown that she also can be evil when necessary. Hope that season 2 is good
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