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Through the mist


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Through the mist


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A creature from another world...

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Souless Light


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Sand Thoroughbred


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Winter Night


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A-lot of woodburnings

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Sea Dragon Mermaid


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Chalk Art Test 1,

Drawings, sketchs, 7 days challenges

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Ellie plush trade~

Plushies and Needle felting

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Pumpkin Fox

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DIY Poseable Creature Part 3

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A Small And Unassuming Hero

    You know I considered that when the Professor went looking for a hero I imagined someone clad in armor, or at the very least some article of clothing.    I figured a hero looked tall, brawny and at the very most above my waist… But that was not the hero we managed to find. In the end maybe, he was the hero we needed. Let me back up a bit, I guess I should explain.    My name is Elora, I’m a fawn and no I assure you no matter what Spyro says I have no relation to goats! They are so much hairier and they bleat like fools. Spyro, the dork is always assuming things, but I admit he has his charms especially when compared to H

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