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There is someone up there

London, 1925

Allen and John immediately knew something was wrong with the safehouse Awnya gave them.
Cautiously, they opened the fractured door and waited a while for their eyes to adjust the ambiant darkness of the little Soho house. Allen rose his finger and whispered :

- "There is someone up there..."

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So your investigators arrived to London! What was upstairs? :o
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They separated the group, one part fly straight to the Manor of the three sisters to prepare the Dream ritual. The others stayed in London to pursue the investigation.

They still don't know who (or what) was upstairs. They decided to move quickly rather than silently and thus the stranger escaped by jumping through a window. Allen tried to follow the same way and cut himself rather deeply to finally lost the trail of the intruder in the walled gardens.
They found blood and a emptied pharmacy box on the upstairs bathroom, and a missing box of thyme in the kitchen, but nothing else. Allen had to be stitched by a neighbor, a nice retired doctor names Dieuleveult. They are rather perplexed as no one should has known the location of this safehouse.

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Someone ... or some-thing...
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Only the deads knows...