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The colour out of space



"It was the coroner, seated near a window overlooking the yard, who first noticed the glow about the well. Night had fully set in, and all the abhorrent grounds seemed faintly luminous with more than the fitful moonbeams; but this new glow was something definite and distinct, and appeared to shoot up from the black pit like a softened ray from a searchlight, giving dull reflections in the little ground pools where the water had been emptied. It had a very queer colour, and as all the men clustered round the window Ammi gave a violent start. For this strange beam of ghastly miasma was to him of no unfamiliar hue. He had seen that colour before, and feared to think what it might mean. He had seen it in the nasty brittle globule in that aerolite two summers ago, had seen it in the crazy vegetation of the springtime, and had thought he had seen it for an instant that very morning against the small barred window of that terrible attic room where nameless things had happened. It had flashed there a second, and a clammy and hateful current of vapour had brushed past him - and then poor Nahum had been taken by something of that colour. He had said so at the last - said it was like the globule and the plants. After that had come the runaway in the yard and the splash in the well-and now that well was belching forth to the night a pale insidious beam of the same demoniac tint."

- H.P.Lovecraft, The Colour Out of Space

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook from my Great Old Ones & Their Kin series for an upcoming Elder Gods Tarot project:

Elder Things
Mi-Go, the Fungis of Yuggoth
Hunting Horrors
Leng Spiders
Dark Young

Great Race of Yith
Deep Ones
Flying Polyps

The colour out of space
Shans, the Insects of Shaggai
Desh, creatures from beyond
Stellar Vampire
Dimensional Shambler
Fire Vampires 
Tindalos Hound
Servitor God - Flutist 

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This tale shaped my life -it resonated a chord...
I first found it in a hard-bound anthology of scifi in the town public library where I first lived. (moved to NYC in 1963 or 4 and a few years later to NJ. ). It made the tales before & after it pale in significance.
Years later, when shopping in a now gone mall in Middletown,NY, I found a Lancer paperback with it and other tales by Locecraft. Then a second book.
NOW I was hooked ! The poorly bound books kept coming apart and were since replaced by the Arkham House hardbounds.

I never,however wrote a mythos tale myself, Lovecraft's vision was never approached by Derleth, or any post HPL author. I even stopped reading new fiction. My tribute to HPL : NOT writing a mythos tale !