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The Dweller in Darkness



"For, where but a moment before there had been nothing, there was now a gigantic protoplasmic mass, a colossal' being who towered upward toward the stars, and whose actual physical being was in constant flux; and flanking it on either side were two lesser beings, equally amorphous, holding pipes or flutes in appendages and making that demoniac music which echoed and re-echoed in the enclosing forest. But the thing on the slab, the Dweller in Darkness, was the ultimate in horror; for from its mass of amorphous flesh there grew at will before our eyes tentacles, claws, hands, and withdrew again; the mass itself diminished and swelled effortlessly, and where its head was and its features should have been there was only a blank facelessness all the more horrible because even as we looked there rose from its blind mass a low ululation in that half-bestial, half-human voice so familiar to us- from the record made in the night!"

- August Derleth, The Dweller in Darkness

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook from my Great Old Ones & Their Kin series for an upcoming Elder Gods Tarot project:

The Black Man
The Bringer of Pests

The Dark One
The Floating Horror
The Green Man
Xipe Totec
The Tick-Tock Man

The Dweller in Darkness
The Haunter of the dark (v1)
The Haunter of the dark (v2)
The Bloody Tongue  
The Faceless God 
The Bloated Woman
The Black Pharaoh
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In this tale, this MONSTER takes on the form of Professor Potter, good old prof,.Potter who catchs up with the heroes and explains away the phenomena they had seen & heard , destroys the phhysdical evidence and after leaving, exp;losively resumes monster for,m to lead a final attack on the heroes who had DARED intriude on his summer home property.