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The Door to Dreamlands



Leaving the Cavern of the Flame and the priests, he went down the stairs.

It was a long descent, always spiraling and turning, deeper and deeper.
After a while, he reached the bottom and saw a gigantic wooden door, massive and marketed from fine brass. Upon closer examination, he noticed small writing all over, scribbles etched in the brass in a language he could not recognize. The wood was dark and old, very old. He searched for a knob or a lock but couldn't find any. He tried pushing but the door won't bulge an inch. Scrapping his head, he took a step back and saw the tree.
The stairs were gone. He was now in a large clearing in a thick, wild and phantasmagoric forest. The door were still there, protruding from a massive oak. There was sun, and birds and small movements in the bushes...

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
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Personally, The Dream-Quest to Unknown Kadath has to be my favorite lovecraft story imagery-wise.