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"...Despite the richness and variety of their folklore, however, they have nothing akin to the Malay shugoran, a kind of bogey-man used to frighten naughty children. The traveller hears many conflicting descriptions of it, some bordering on the obscene. (Oran, of course, is Malay for 'man', while shug, which here connotes 'sniffing' or 'questing', means literally, 'elephant's trunk'.) I well recall the hide which hung over the bar at the Traders' Club in Singapore, and which, according to tradition, represented the infant of this fabulous creature; its wings were black. Shortly after the War a regimental surgeon was passing through on his way back to Gibraltar and , after dude examination, pronounced it the dried-out skin of a rather large catfish. He was never asked back."

 - T.E.D. Klein, Black Man With a Horn

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook from my Great Old Ones & Their Kin series for an upcoming Elder Gods Tarot project:

The Black Man
The Bringer of Pests
The Dark One
The Floating Horror
The Green Man
Xipe Totec
The Tick-Tock Man
The Dweller in Darkness
The Haunter of the dark (v1)
The Haunter of the dark (v2)
The Bloody Tongue  
The Faceless God 
The Bloated Woman
The Black Pharaoh
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A rather nasty story, like both of Athanasio's.

I think that's when I stopped buying from Arkham House.