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No Man's Land - The [REDACTED] Gem



No Man's Land is my all-time favorite Chaosium scenario. Adding the horrors of the Great War to the Cthulhu Mythos gives quite the atmosphere. I've mastered this one four times now, and received an unanimous approval on each occasion. For the last session, I crafted the [redacted]'s gem that I will post later, wore an old french army vest and use a finely selected set of music to go with : The Mozart's Requiem, Berserk OST, BBC severe thunderstorm soundtrack and The Name of the Rose OST. It was quite the experience.


The featured creature is a Lloigor, an invisible entity feeding on despair and negative emotion. The proximity of the creature was simulated in game with this apparel which I controlled the illumination. The slow crescendo of the eerie light makes quite the effect on the players.


This device is simply made from broken parts of a hurrican (Led) lamp coupled with a blob. The blob comes from an old airsoft target, originally made to stop and stick bullets. With time and dust, it became a horrible and disgusting substance, still transparent and slimy as hell. Since I've store it in a can, it takes a compact and fused shape as you can see.

Below is the map of the tumulus from the scenario.

No Man's Land - Tumulus Map by Astanael
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