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No Man's Land - The Black Monolith



2 October 1918, Somewhere in the Argonnes Woods, France

"Parks was astonished. A celtic monolith ? Here ? That is quite unexpected. And what in heaven's sake is this stone made of ?
For a brief instant, Antony remembered he was indeed a law student from the Miskatonic university. Parks the Student with a deep interest in archeology felt like an
other self, almost a stranger to this hellish world that is the life of Parks the Soldier.
- 'Move !'
The sarge's order broke his trance. He was indeed an soldier, and needed to walk. again. How many days until this hell is over?"

Excerpt from the No Man's Land Scenario from the Call of Cthulhu RPG of Chaosium/Sans-Détours

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
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