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Masks of Nyarlathotep - The Dream Ritual

London, 1925, february the 18th.

Awnya slowly raised the Scepter of Nyambe and said the words. She felt the Od bending to her will and the gates of perception opening one by one. On her laps, James had a chuckle. She took a glimpse ans saw a nasty smile on his face. Silas was back. The heavy chains on his wrist and Narayan sabers on his throat seems to contain the demonic entity, for he didn't move.
The other ritualists were already gone beyond the wall of sleep, their deep breathing only interrupted by small coughing. The candlelight was struggling to pierce the heavy incense smoke, and the mirrors were erasing all sense of space. For all she knows, she could be already dreaming. Back to the ritual. Two left. Narayan. Faithful Narayan. Strong, silent, efficient. Will he be able to pass the test of the guardians ? And now, James.

She expected resistance, or at the very least mockery, but James went straight to slumber. Did she miss something ? Will the chains holds ? Is the narcotic dosed right ? Doubts creeped on as her conscience slowly fade into oblivion.

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook, Excerpt from the Masks of Nyarlathotep* RPG campaign, Call of Cthulhu
* New extra chapter after the London Ark : The Dreamland Ark *
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There will be complications, I just know it! And suffering ;D
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Oooh yeah... A brand new ark to be precise.
The Masks of Nyarlathotep is "just" a part of an ongoing larger campaign, named "Time Twister" that encompass "Beyond the Mountain of Madness", "Dark Ages" (1182),an apocalyptic alternate future caused by the actions of previous players ("Cthulhu Rising") and the "Azazoth Offspring". One of the links between the campaigns and the secrets connexions lies in the Dreamlands.

Thus the additional ark.

Many secrets beyond that, but I will not speak about it aloud. For my players lurks sometimes on here.
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Now I understand how it works :) I was wondering if you have some newer version of the Masks with additional chapter or what. But this "Time Twister" campaign must take years, if you don't play every week (do you?).
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There is a finished campaign that took two years : "Beyond the mountains of madness"
"The Masks of Nyarlathotep" is ongoing, 3 week per month. The "Azazoth Offspring" is weekly.

I think the masks will be over at the end of 2018, then it will be the "day of the beast" while the "Terror on the Orient Express" goes.

The "Dark ages" and "Cthulhu Rising needs for the masks to be quite advanced and must process in parallel.

All in one, I think Time Twister will take 5 to 6 year to be over. I hope ^^
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Wow, you play quite frequently! I must say I envy you ;) We were playing quite regularly last spring, once for two weeks. Than we had a long break in the summer because everyone was on vacation in different time and it was impossible to gather the whole team together. And now I hope we'll play quite regularly, because I'm a passionate RPG lover, but we'll see. Sometimes some players are to busy, or not feeling well, you know... Life.

5 to 6 years. Ok, that's an unimaginable amount of time!
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Quite frequently indeed, but they are 3-4 hours long session.
We play via Discord, so we must speech one at the time and cope with bandwidth issues.
Sometimes, when the stars aligns, we are able to gather around the same table, but that is quite exceptional.
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We have longer sessions, something about 5-6 hours. With unhealthy food and beer and sheesha:D Now we are gathering quite freaquently, once for two weeks on average.
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