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Loneliness, helplessness... Sometimes our own mind is entrapping itself in mazes of apprehension and silence.
All it takes is a breakthrough, a call from a friend, a trip outside to the park. And sometimes it's not enough.
Isolation is slopping slide that reinforce the walls that we build, until we're no longer able to see nor hear.
So take an pickaxe, people, and make this breakthrough. Call him. Call her. Don't let silence win.

Pencil doodles on A6 sketchbook reworked with Gimp.
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Masonic hand signals... Typical.
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Nice...I love how even what seems like an unfortunate accident has turned into something with a positive meaning. :)
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Thanks !
I really tried to show the difference of perception. What is little, trivial and inconsequential for someone can be life-saving for another.
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You are very welcome, and yes, that is very true. :)
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That's really good!!! 0w0~ Great job!! 0w0~
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Thank you ^^
I hope it will reach someone.
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Welcome! ^w^~
Well, it definitely reach me!! 0w0~
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