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Choose Your Own Adventure

Before you, a lone and large tree stands at the fork-road. There's an old signpost but the letters are partially erased and one of the directions has droped to the ground.
To your left, the path leads down into the valley, to a distant forest, fuzzy and green.
To your right, the path climbs the mountain to a dark castle on top.
While you're thinking about where to go, the eyed rock watches you in silence, intensely.

What will you do?


Devant vous, un large arbre solitaire se tresse à la fourchée des chemins. Il y a bien un panneau indicateur mais le lettrage est partiellement effacé par le temps et l'une des direction est tombée à terre.
A votre gauche, le chemin descends dans la vallée, vers une forêt dans le lointain, dense et verdoyante.
A votre droite, le chemin serpente dans la montagne jusqu'à une imposante et sombre citadelle juchée au sommet.
Alors que vous réfléchissez à quelle direction prendre, les rochers vous zieutent en silence, intensément.

Que faites-vous ?

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6
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Now I'm back here, I'll try left path to the forest

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(coming next november ^^)

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what would you do?

hmmm... is the castle occupied? because if it's abandoned I would search it for loot :nod:

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As you climb the mountain, the path leads you higher and higher. After an hour or so, you are now close enough to the castle to see the multicolored banners floating in the wind. There seems to be a festival of some sort there. Squinting your eyes, you notice tiny silhouettes coming back and forth between the constructions, too small for humans.

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what does it sound like and do I know who/what the might be?

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Comparatively to the inhabitants, the castle is quite huge indeed. As you approach carefully, you notice that it was a human construction of origin that has been repurposed for the tiny creatures. They look like small bipedal salamanders, no bigger than your foot, and even with your careful approach you cause quite a commotion. You've never seen such peoples. As you stops thinking about what to do next, you see a delegation of the creatures approaching. There's clearly some leaders and important ones because they have more clothing and they are carried by the others. The delegation stay at a reasonable distance from you while one of them gets closer. The plenipotentiary starts to talk, but their voice are so low that you cannot make a single word.

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I say "Do you speak common?"

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The plenipotentiary pauses to catch their breath, their clawed hand resting on their knees. After that, they stand again and starts to yell at the top of their lungs :

- "Noble Shadow Giant! We bid you. Welcome!"

They pause.

- "You've entered. The sovereing kingdom. Of Sulei-kin! We do hope. Your intentions. Are peaceful!"

Another pause.

-"Please state. Your business. (heavy breathing) We're in the middle. Of the. Attribution festival."

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I answer "I saw the castle on the hill and I was curious so I decided to check it out, what are you celebrating?"

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The poor little guy is exhausted from the yelling and starts coughing and panting. They gesture you to wait while they catch their breath.

You notice that your voice is very loud to them, and each word you utter makes them wobble on their feet.

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