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Blimp attack

Excerpt from an ongoing "Brigade Chimérique" campaign, Paris, 1933

In a blink of an eye, Lord Mc Kern pull them through the fabric and here they were, on the top of the secondary blimp of the Baron. Quickly, the Lord make folds in the sturdy fabric to anchor everyone. The wind was excruciatingly strong and they could barely breath nor speak. Without the capes, they would have frozen to death. The two agents of the CID looked to the Lord but he was concentrated on the fold, and ready to teleport them back in the slightest sign of danger. Catherine, more used to acrobatics managed to get on the other side of the blimp and saw through a porthole the unmistakable face of the Voyager. Now, how can she attract his attention so he can ready a tissue in a discrete location for everyone to infiltrate the blimp ?

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook
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