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Beyond the Mountains - Rilke return

Somewhere in Antarctica, 1933, December 8

Returning from base camp, they saw a silhouette coming from the ramp, walking with difficulty while carrying something grossly wrapped in a blanket. Upon noticing the EBF jacket, Jacques de la Hubaudière hailed Myers, and they run to the man for help.

- "I found it ! I FOUND IT !"

Jacques stalled, recognizing the voice of Rilke.

- "It's underneath, in the deep. So deep... and dark ! so dark...But i went there, and i got them !"

Raising his posture, Rilke showed the two men his loot. But all they saw was his face, devoured by the Mort Lente, flesh partly eaten and bubbling, like it was trying to escape Rilke's skeleton.

-- You must believe me ! See ! Look ! I seen the underground sea ! I've seen them !

Frantically, Rilke start to unwrap his package, revealing multiple jam glass jar filled with troubled fluids. His ungloved hands were shaking so much he had to forcefully pass the blanket and its content to Jacques.

- "Take this, And that. It's my notebook with most of my observations. I'll complete them later. I had to be swift so I could not sterilize nor label the containers unit. You will have to sort them. Here ! take them ! My hands are shaking from excitation. Damn' I'm hungry ! I need to rush to the camp. I'm so happy. So happy ! I will be famous ! Promise me you will hold this notebook with your life. your very life ! and once we return to civilization, we'll have several of them ! Look ! See ! they are living ! I seen them !"

Jack took a look to the jars. They were several small creatures swimming and crawling in the disgusting fluids. He shudders upon realizing they were only larger versions than the ones he seen under the microscope. He heard Myers gasping behind his shoulder. Something has to be done. Quick. He choose very carefully his next words.

- "I promise you, that we will publish your notes and show your discoveries to the world. But now you must rest and eat. The camp has been moved to the tower at the end of the underground rails."

Rilk tried to smile, but a part of his left cheek felt in the snow and started jiggling like a suffocating fish out of the water. he didn't even flinch, his crazy eyes fixed on the two scientists. Jacques marked a pause, repressing a sudden urge to vomit.

- "It's safe there. Now go !" he lied...

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook (last page !)
RPG Scene from the "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" Call of Cthulhu RPG Campaign by Sans-détours/Chaosium
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An awful fate for Jacques and Rilke
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And for earth, for Its coming was only delayed.