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Bast, Goddess of all Cats

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Beautiful Bast - respectable Nodens .

The Elder Gods invoke awe & reverence and one can have them in for company.
The Great Old Ones provoke madness & horror, and even marginal contact causes physical & mental degeneration.
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Well thanks ! ^^
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Not all is tentacled related in the mythos. Have you heard of Ulthar ?
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You mean the place where there is lots of cats and people are not allowed to kill them? ;D
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The very one. Ulthar, jewel of the Skaï valley from the Dreamlands, where Cats secretly rules.
The Dreamland setup for Call of Cthulhu is a wonderful one, although quite hard to master.
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I have three cats at home so it's almost like living in Ulthar ;) There are so many interesting places in Dreamlands, I would be quite exciting to visit them during some RPG!
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Wish I could have cats... Not possible where I live.

Dreamlands are a vast and complex setup, but as I said, quite challenging to master.
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