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Azazoth - The Divination

Ruins of the Temple of Nem-Mka, 1922, Tibet ?

Once they cleared the ground, they could see complicated and intricate lines on the floor of what probably has been a small temple. A myriad of strange symbols were drawn at the crossing of the lines, the vast majority unknown to Winston himself.

Lha-bzang sat on the floor, and stated to chant while shaking his strange payers wheels. Winston invited the other to sat in circle, and then revealed a small wooden box he had carried all along this exhausting trip. He opened it and put a packet in front of Lha-bzang. Then he proceed to unpack the silk to reveal what appeared to be a severed mummified hand.

After getting a imperceptible nodding from the monk, he took his knife, cut his hand deeply and let his blood dripping on the severed hand. The he passed the knife to Tchoura, who did the same. Reluctantly, Carl and Oscar followed. The chanting increased, and Tchourajoined his powerful voice to the deep and profound vibration that soon begin to resonate with its own echo.

With a disturbing twitch, the hand started moving on its own...

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook,
excerpt from an run of the Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign :
The Offspring of Azazoth
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