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"The dark form ran toward him with incredible swiftness. When it came near he saw that there was a kind of face on the squat ebon body, low down amid the several-jointed legs. The face peered up with a weird expression of doubt and inquiry; and terror crawled through the veins of the bold huntsman as he met the small, crafty eyes that were circled about with hair."

- Clark Ashton Smith, The Seven Geases

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook from my Great Old Ones series for an upcoming Elder Gods Tarot project:

The Great Cthulhu
Chaugnar Faugn
Cthugha, the Living Flame
Ithaqua the Wendigo
Father Dagon
Shudde M'ell
The music of Erich Zann - Tru'nembra
Quachil Uttaus
Eihort - God of the Labyrinth
Tindalos Hound
Yig, the Father of Serpents
Daoloth, Render of the Veils
Abhoth, Source of Uncleanliness 
Azazoth, Daemon Sultan
Umr Al Tawil - Avatar of Yog-Sothoth
Mother Hydra
Nug and Yeb, the Twin Blasphemies
Bast, Goddess of all Cats 
Nodens - Lord of the Great Abyss
Ghroth the Harbringer
Hypnos, Lord of Sleep
Green God, the Horror Under Warrendown
Tulzscha the Green flame
Hagarg Ryonis, the Lier-in-Wait
Zhar and Lloigor

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This is a pretty decent portrayal. "The face peered up with a weird expression of doubt and inquiry" implies that there is something grotesquely human-like about its features and you included that in your version.
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Thanks ^^

I glad my efforts to portray in a new light the horrific visions of the unspeakable* with accuracy bear fruits. I think many of the Cthulhu mythos art focuses on the beast aspect to the detriment of the more gruesome grotesque or even burlesque similarities with human-like features. The Great Old Ones are stranger to the humans, but in a way that is beyond and not besides, so to my opinion they include some distorted characteristic of the pitiful simians we are as if they mock our feeble nature.

Or is it a black mirror, that we project on this monster features that resembles us because we can't understand them ?

*that we are currently speaking of
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That's an interesting point. Atlach Natcha could have shifted its features to something it thought more communicative with the geesed hunter, or the hunter perceived it as having more human features because of its ability to speak and communicate. Either way, my interpretation of the story had Atlach Natcha  with a spider-like yet expressive face akin to humans. I think it's the idea of a spider with human expression that creates the sense of the uncanny.
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Exactly, this is the uncanny valley, which plays on the mental discomfort happening when reality differs with preconceptions or expectations.
This discomfort is the basis of many of my tricks as a keeper when roleplaying.