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A zebra in Tibet

Somewhere nearby the forbidden city of Lhassa, 1922

Life is strange, and Dreamlands works in mysterious ways. Once they crossed the mystical door, they though to be back in St Augustine, welcomed by the warm embrace of the Keys, bathing in sunlight and eating grilled gambas. Nope. They nearly froze to death, and somehow ended up in one of the most highest place of the earth.

Nothing could have prepared them to that, and without the rolls of fabrics Oscar bought at Ulthar, they would have surely died. The view was breathtaking. Mountains so high they seemed to scorch a sky so deep and so blue it was hard to look upon without contemplating the very infinity of space. They managed to reach a small lamasery, perched upon the edge of a snowy valley. Here, they were rescued by the monks, which were not prepared to see what they brought from the Dreamlands through the mystical gate : A zebra.

The poor equine was struggling with the cold, shaking and trembling all along, but valiantly following the trail of Nemesis like the rest of group, deeply covered in a hastily put-together coat made from the strange ultharian fabrics. She came a long way from the valley of Skai, and ending up in one of the highest place on the earth was quite an accomplishment for its kind.

A zebra in Tibet... Is that is how legends begins ?

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook, excerpted from an ongoing Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign : The Offspring of Azazoth
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