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Recycling has always been very important part to my life & business and almost the half of the metal objects in my gallery are made from recycled materials. I have collected over the years very huge stash of all kind of metal junk and there you can see some nice examples, what are usually very good materials for weapon and jewelry related projects.

All my "normal objects" are forged from mild steel or some other very soft alloys, but if you want to make proper/authentic axeheads and other historical weapons, you need to find high carbon steel, spring steel or some other better steel alloys, because you can't properly harden the low carbon stuff in normal quench methods.

There is not any hardwarestores in my community where I can find tool steels, so I use most of the time only some old broken hammerheads, springs, stone drilling rods and plow machine parts for my weapon projects, because that kind of old rusty scraps are usually free or at least very cheap, but they are still made from very good quality steel alloys.

For example that incomplete axehead on top of the rusty plow disc is forged from old mason's hammer very close to this model what i just googled. [link] and that mace head with groove patterns is grinded from old tractor lift arm ball. (There is also two other a little bit bigger lift arm balls close to that short brass axle..)

In the bottom picture you can see also some broken clocks and other scraps what i get from my clocksmith uncle. That kind of mechanical parts are always very good material for steampunk themed works. There is also huge variety of old teaspoons what i have get almost free from my relatives or some other very kind people. :)

I hope that you can also have some nice recycling ideas for your own works from these pictures..
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Somewhat like my material stash. I'm in the country, so my dogs are always bringing home various bits of bone or antlers from their explorations.
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Most welcome for the fav. Texas is very far from your part of the world, but I wish to share, my friend. Chk your pm's :)
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That sounds very great. One of our closest neighbors is a hunter and i used to go playing very often in the forest between our houses in my childhood and i find some bone parts many times from there. (Mainly some moose femurs, vertebras, jaws and things like that..)
Last time when i have time to make bone objects was in my school years, but i have made also some new bone pendant plans for next winter.

I wish that i can get more skulls and antlers from somewhere, but i have founded only two single moose antlers and one a quite damaged moose skull with very small antlers from our forests over the years.
All kind of beast skulls are usually my favourites, because they look always very great with the pointy teeths, but i have found only one weasel skull and one dog skull from this area.

Thanks for adding this picture sample to your favourites.
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Totally random and almost insignificant: but why all the spoons?
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They are very good material for pendants. [link] [link]

I didn't have so much teaspoons in before, but one old antique dealer lady give me almost 70 different nickel silver spoons maybe about month ago and now i have great jewelry resource for maybe about next 2-3 years. :)

Thanks for adding this montage to your favourites..
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Ohhhh i see.

Generosity goes a long way then ^.^

It is always a pleasure Astalo, your work, even when incomplete and in it's stages prior to being worked, is always brilliant.
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