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Blacksmith tools

By Astalo
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That grey machine in the first picture is my power hammer and next you can see wall-mounted rack for my blacksmithing hand tools. (That brick pile is my bronze smelting place.) There is also all kind of home made anvils and some "hardyhole tools" made for my 70 kg DB-anvil.
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that's like a garden of eden XD
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Great shots of all of your smithing and fabrication shops! You have quite an extensive (and enviable) set-up. Thanks for sharing some photos!=)
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Just how a Blacksmith's workshop should look like ;)
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Thanks guys. If you don't find any good forging tools in your local area, you have maybe to make them by yourself. :)

I don't find good hammers and tongs very often and i don't have seen any kind of hardy hole tools for sale in many years, so i have to made a lot of things by myself.
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oh dude i wish i had all this stuff
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how I envy you u_u

I wish I could have at least some of tools like those
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what type of power hammer is that?
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It's some kind of air hammer, because that electric motor on the top run one enormous beltwheel/balancing wheel in the backside and wheel moves the piston mechanism who lift that 30 kg hammer ram up and down.

I bought it from one other blacksmith almost two years ago and i hear that it's made probably some time in the fifties or the sixties. I found also this text "P. Yeakley, Billeter & Klunz" to right side of it's frame.

There you find other picture of my power hammer. [link]
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I've never seen one like that. so i was curious... thanks for the picture
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