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Pixel Dungeon: Goo

Fan concept of the first boss in Pixel Dungeon.

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Animated Statue
Gnoll Scout
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Wow, looks really gooish! Well done!
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Yep, he's a cute little goopster!
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Amazing interpretation! Goo is no more a little black gummy ball :P
I hope you'll draw other creatures from the game!
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Hey thanks!

It's interesting that you are saying that right now, because I recently started designing one of the other characters. Unfortunately it takes me long time to come to the idea and vision that I want, as I am still not very good when it comes to producing cool designs. So I often end up scratching ideas or simply putting them aside for some other time. So not promising anything but it's possible to put up a PD related design in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Due to me leaving the internet for a while I just saw it, I mean the gnoll, but I have to admit I still like this more! It really has something special. Watching your gallery I'd say your cool designs are! You're really good, keep up the great work :)
assumzaek's avatar
Thanks again for the kind words, dude :) cheers!
TheIvoryFalcon's avatar
cool stuff, has a dark souls-vibe to it
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awesome! really loving your stuff lately, you'll be able to go pro in no time (or did you already?) :D
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hehe there's Daedalic Entertainment, don't think they're looking for people but you can try :D
assumzaek's avatar
Thanks, will try them :)
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Haha yeah I hope I will get some gigs at some point. Currently searching for internship though. Do you know any cool game companies in Germany :D
SwornAllegiance's avatar
Amazing game, amazing art. Everything is amazing. I love that Pixel Dungeon is gaining such a large following, it makes me happy, because not only does it get the recognition it deserves as a great game, but it will encourage the developer to keep moving forward with more patches and such.
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I share the same love! I really hope it will continue on strong! What a great game! :)
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Very well done :)
I love that game
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Thank you, me too! :D
A-C-P-L's avatar
I like how the key is hanging from the skull.
assumzaek's avatar
Hey, thanks, I payed some special attention to the part with the key. Glad you like it and also great to talk to you again :)
ExoMemory's avatar
Good job buddy, one of your top tier pieces imho
assumzaek's avatar
Thanks, man. Means a lot coming from you :)
Maiden-In-Black's avatar
this is really cool 
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Thanks, the game itself is even cooler ;)
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