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Chi's Stamp

By assscrew28
After spending a whole minute *laughs* I couldn't find Chi's stamp at all.
So I made a stamp for her!!
Feel free to use it~ \(^o^)/

..this is ugly though. >_>;;

artwork (c) Konami Kanata
stamp (c) me
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goosetooth's avatar
I swear this is the only stamp of Chi with the name of the show, tysm for making :D!
Suga-ruu's avatar
I just damn love the mangas!♥
springtrapwaffles's avatar
OMG I love chi!!!! It's Mai fave manga!!!!
Fallenpeach's avatar
Eeep, adorable! ;v; Using!
MoonShu's avatar
Using,thank you :)
320ug's avatar
chi is soo cute 
NekoXIchigo's avatar
yaaaaaaaaaay cute~
Sychoteddy321's avatar
I have a necklace with Chi on it!
It's so cuuuute ^w^
sourappl3s's avatar
TorvaBeast's avatar
This stamp is perfect just how it is! :D I must add it to my favourites.. I got into the series about three weeks ago, and I just love it!
Melodious-Muse's avatar
This is so cute :love:
I am in love with the anime and I reckon I just might have to show it to my family too :D
crazynoggin's avatar
There's an anime?
I only knew of the manga!
Krirka's avatar
Sweet as the series. =D
popopotato's avatar
I love your stamp so much!! I had a cat named chi too, although not knowing this cartoon cat's name! that cartoon cat had been my favorite cat since then, but this is the first time i have heard of its name!
DementedDannie's avatar
my friend introduced the anime to me, its to CUTE! <3
TransHinageshi's avatar
An anime so sweet it'll give you diabetes
atomiccatz's avatar
Chi is the best cat ever!:iconcatlaplz:

FYI, his name in japan means pee. :lmao::iconcatloldplz:
crazynoggin's avatar
I loled so hard...
Wait for it...
I loled.
Kafunee's avatar
cute kitty nwn :+favlove:
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