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SHE/THEY. a dog. ENFP.

you inevitably hold on, because you always do

don't stop imagining

. ★ quality television

Fill in the blanks. GEE, I LOVE DOING A _______ IN THE ________ !! 

406 deviants said speech on why lemonade and 7UP are not the same, evening sunlight
214 deviants said nice long turd, third aisle of the grocery store beside the cereal
207 deviants said cartwheel through a milk factory, middle of April

you must choose 

743 deviants said living with a large family of 31 very friendly and accommodating cactuses for 7 days, but you must endure a goodbye hug from every single one of them.
370 deviants said sleeping in a bed made of live very soft Pomeranians for 52 days, but you must eat one of them before sundown on the 52nd day.


My store is
* my main blog is myrobotlandlord
i post shit on my instagram usually

kazoo kid stamp by gunsweat
i work as a story artist for TV animation and film
i like to squeeze lemons between my thighs into the eyes of my enemies. i eat a lot of mos burger, teriyaki chicken is my fav burg

smell that sweet sexy european air

random fax you dont really care about:
i have hazel eyes, im attracted to green things, im one of those people who always look goofy no matter what, caffeine hurts me, im a gremlin in bed, i sleep talk every night apparently, i want to be a good cook but i dont have a rat to put in my hat, i love sushi wow you have no idea it is so good, all my favourite characters are boys, if i catch myself projecting on my faves i make myself have a really cold shower, if i could somehow fly all of a sudden youd never hear from me again, dogs.

our dog, in the middle of our page


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Scale-the-Wyvern Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
Haha, I know! I read the comments on Shrimp's profile. She doesn't know me much but knows I still exist. I EXIST, WORLD! WHADDYA SAY TO THAT?? :la: Heheh... Meh, I used to be too.. before I deleted all of my art. Self-esteem issues. >.< Don't ask... AHHH WELL, it's nice to meet you too! And OMG YOU WORK FOR DISNEYYYY??? *Bows infront of you* It's an honour. <333
Great work? What great work? xDDDDD
ASSORTEDJELLIES Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
OH :,(((( you deleted all your art. Nawww I keep my old art public in my old accounts so I can look back on them and see how much I've improved. Also my old art holds special memories <:
Even know you may shudder while looking at old art (i know i do) it's still good to keep around. Because maybe 3 months down the track or a year or 2.... you'll look back and be like WOAH FUCK YEH IVE IMPROVED
Every artist feels that theyre not good enough at least 10 times in their life =p I'm sure Shrimp has. I know I have.
So dont be too hard on yourself. K BRO
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leeleecalgirl Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist
Cake for Shifteh Happy BirthdayBob 
ASSORTEDJELLIES Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
Bob omgggggg that is super cute THANK UUU
leeleecalgirl Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Hobbyist
no problemo! >w< hope it was a good one!
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