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hazy cosmic jive by ASSORTEDJELLIES hazy cosmic jive by ASSORTEDJELLIES
tumblr post kaomoji set 2 16/67 

*  hazy cosmic jive .:Mini moon n star:.  !!
Pixel: Blue Stary Shooting Star Emoji another doodle from my babybones PSD...
quickly spiffed these up last night. they were >>Veryrough<< when i found them. like okay, i see the idea i was going for but was too lazy to carry through :thumbsup::thumbsup: i must have sketched it out months back.

*prods cintiq. i have soooo many unreleased doodles in my files OWO" its awful how many there are... not to mention commissions
i had a week of motivation crushing ...!! OR WAS IT BECOS I WAS JUST LAZY >>>?
OR.... well.... I BOUGHT A PS4... AND A TV... EHEHHEE .... eeehhh... so... there you go

also had that eye infection which has healed so Cresent Moon Emoji Emoji24 

idk but either way i just got off my arse yesterday and started drawing again. YASS S

space tho. and stars. lets talk about that qwq. its so funny, i don't remember if theres any real PROOF in Undertale that sans really likes stars HAHA BUT FANS ALWAYS DRAW HIM ALL STAR GAZING AND "I WANNA SEE STARS ON THE SURFACE" all because of his prank telescope... idk if theres any other proof but i like it
Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] 
i love space. no. space and i have a sort of love/hate relationship. it fascinates me and find myself thinking about it a lot but it also terrifies the f out of me. at one stage i was obsessed with black holes and watched a video simulation and it was horrifying.

but id never ACTUALLY GO to space becos... i couldnt even ride DisneyWorld EPCOT's MISSION SPACE without CRYINGkjdrguhidgiuhdghbdghjbfdghjbfg HAHAHA

well... it was the "orange" mission space and i wasn't ready for that,,,, but... id actually totally do it again it was amaze, im constantly contradicting myself

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July 4, 2016
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