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Who is at work by Assink-art
I am working on a detailed piece right now and I decided to divide the workload for a bit.
Japie (my friendly neighbourhood skeleton) tried his hand on it. Don't know what it will bring, but learning to delegate is important ;-).

On a more serious note; I have been a bit absent on DevArt, sorry for that. I had some health issues and eyeproblems. Everything is heading in the right direction and I am very happy about that. A good sight turns out te be essential for drawing. I am going to be a lot more grateful for my eyesight this year!

Dear friends and watchers, I hope you are all allright. Take care and have a nice day moonflower 
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Hope your eyesight and general health have been doing better!

(Also, you may wanna tell Japie to remove the cap on his pen if he wants to get anything done ;))
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Yes, everything is going in a good direction. Very happy with that! Thank you Heart 

LOL... I believe I will stop delegating tasks and will work on my own for now :wink .